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August 31, 1996

Jason Stoltenberg


Q. Describe the tiebreak, fifth set.

JASON STOLTENBERG: Obviously 4-Love, doing pretty good. I made an unforced error at 4-1 on my serve, pretty big point, to change things to 5-1. Big difference than 4-2. I guess 6-2 up, you may lose a couple of those in your career. Being down two match points at 5-4, I don't know what the score was, getting out of that, 4-Love I felt like I had done everything. 6-2 I felt like I had done everything except shake hands. I really felt like I had won the match. You know, like I said, you may lose a few of those in your whole career. Just need to find a positive some way to make you stronger. Losing matches like that I think make you stronger. It's tough. I'll look back on it, throw away the negatives and try to get some positive out of it.

Q. Do you think in the end it was essentially a concentration thing?

JASON STOLTENBERG: Well, like I said, once I got to 6-2, I really felt like I was one point away. After such a long match, maybe I took it for granted and played a couple of loose shots. I mean, those shots aren't that easy, but you're going to make nine out of ten of them. Missed a high backhand volley at 6-3. Good return at 6-4. Missed another low backhand volley. I think I was thinking too far ahead rather than knuckle down and play each point at a time. I got too far ahead of myself.

Q. Physically were you feeling okay at that stage?

JASON STOLTENBERG: I was feeling tired in the fifth. I think he was feeling tired. He's pretty strong, pretty fit. My body feels pretty tired at the moment. I've had a long year. If there's one positive that can come out of today, if I could get a few extra days to rest before I go to Europe. I have to get ready for the Davis Cup.

Q. What did you actually say to yourself after that handshake, after you lost that final point?

JASON STOLTENBERG: Well, I mean, you can't explain the disappointment. I know it's only a tennis match. There are a lot far more important things in the world than my match today. For me personally, it was extremely disappointing, especially when you stayed there for so long in the heat, the energy levels switch from side to side the whole match. It's just a roller coaster ride today. Just sheer disappointment. Nothing else, really, just the fact that I let it go. I felt like I lost the match really, being 6-2 up in the tiebreak.

Q. When you were sitting there after the game, you looked so dejected? What was going through your mind? Was that the worst you felt after a game?

JASON STOLTENBERG: I mean, there are a few things I think happen in your career, I've had a couple experiences like that in Davis Cup. I think you're past the stage where you sit down and curse. You're at a stage where you're so tired, you're so disappointed, you really don't feel anything. Like I said, later on I'll reflect on the match, try and take what I can, the positives out of it. I think it will make me a stronger person and better player hopefully in the future.

Q. Just at the moment, is it very hard to find any positives?

JASON STOLTENBERG: Yeah. I mean, off the match, it's tough. Okay, you put aside what happened. I feel like I competed pretty well. Against a player like that, you're going to have to beat him. He's not going to make any unforced errors, he's going to make you play all day. I did compete very well. I was tired in the fifth set, but I felt like I fought very well. Got myself a when is Kerr from winning. I'm obviously disappointed what I let slip. I gave it my best, I fell a little short. I can hold my head high with the fact that I gave it everything I had.

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