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October 26, 2016

Michelle Koh

Ashley Lau

Kelly Tan

Ainil Bakar

Nur Durriyah

Aretha Pan

Winnie Ng

Natasha Oon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MICHELLE KOH: I look forward to the tournament and I look forward to a good showing, and it's great to have -- I think this year is very different for us all because this is the biggest representation of Malaysians. There's all together nine of us. It's great to have everyone here and I look forward to a good showing this weekend.

Q. And talking about jet-lag, Jean, when did you get in?
JEAN CHUA: I got in at 2.00am this morning, just like Michelle. She got in at I think 10.00 this morning. So we both just flew in.

I think I'm doing pretty good. I don't know, I might just end up crashing tonight at about six o'clock this morning, but I feel pretty good right now.

Q. And Natasha, you are the youngest player in the tournament this year. Are you excited by the opportunity to compete in the tournament?
NATASHA OON: Yeah, very excited and nervous for an amazing opportunity.

Q. And Winnie, do you know who you're going out with?
WINNIE NG: Yeah, I'm going out with Michelle Wie.

Q. So one of the world's most recognised golfers. Are you looking forward to that?

Q. Question for Aretha. You're playing more and we've noticed you had several high finishes. Can you run through your year for us?
ARETHA PAN: What's the question again?

Q. You had some high finishes. How has the season been on Tour?
ARETHA PAN: I played good this year. I feel really confident in my game now.

Q. And you've played in the tournament how many times before?
ARETHA PAN: This is my fifth.

Q. So how do you approach it? Different than the previous years? Just get down and get focused?
ARETHA PAN: I try to just enjoy my game because this year, I have more friends with me and so I feel more relaxed.

Q. I have a question for Nur Durriyah. You've been playing pretty well. What do you think is the reason why you are playing well?
NUR DURRIYAH: I feel more confident in my game and more focused. And my short game is getting better.

Q. This is a question for Jean. At the qualifier, you didn't do too good. Your thoughts on being able to play?
JEAN CHUA: I'm actually beyond speechless. After the qualifier, I was pretty disappointed because this is one of the special events for me through my career. I always loved playing this event.

So to get the call from Steven, and to officially be offered this exemption, I was beyond happy. It's one event my parents have got to watch every year. And it's the one event my grandma used to come out and watch me tee off. So it's special for me.

Q. Michelle, you didn't make it in the Qualifying School for the LPGA but I think you will be playing on the Symetra Tour. Did you qualify for that tour?
MICHELLE KOH: Yes, just by completing stage two, I actually get some form of status, like partial status on Symetra. But I am still deciding on whether I will go for the Symetra or not.

Actually I think the focus right now is to redirect my focus to next year's Q-School. So I'm going to do what I need to do to get myself there rather than -- yeah, so I'm deciding whether, which way is better.

Q. Question for Ainil. Winning in Finland, how does it feel and do you run a little behind in keeping your card, so what are your thoughts getting to the Final Four tournaments of the year?
AINIL BAKAR: Well, the win was in Finland -- I still have one more event. I'm not trying to think about my card at all. If I think about it and eventually going to putt more pressure on yourself. So I'm just going to go out there and go and play my best. If I don't make it, still for the next stage have to go back.

My game I feel is a lot better. Like I'll play this week and then I'm flying off straightaway to Abu Dhabi and India, so I will have the momentum. As long as I stay fit, I should be okay.

Q. Ashley, you came, you were in the junior amateur category and you came third in the national qualifying tournament, so you qualified purely on account of that, which is an amazing achievement. Just tell us how you feel heading into your first Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia.
ASHLEY LAU: Actually wasn't expecting myself to qualify. But being here I think this is my first time playing one of the LPGA tournaments. I think I'm excited yet nervous. So this will be a good opportunity to see where my standard is.

Q. We haven't heard from you. You played the Pro-Am this morning?
KELLY TAN: Yes, I did.

Q. How was the round? How is the game?
KELLY TAN: I've got a good group. They were really fun. We really enjoyed it. I'm not sure who win. We shot 18-under. It will be good to hear from them later. You know, the course is in great condition. I just can't wait to get it started tomorrow.

I've been working hard with my game. It's hard to judge when the result wasn't really showing but just got to be patient and just keep giving yourself opportunity and I'm sure one day, one week, everything will come together.

Q. Inaudible.
NATASHA OON: Not really, because they are so friendly and they make me feel as if I'm very comfortable because they are so kind and I feel like it's like a family that we have here.

Q. Who have you talked to?
NATASHA OON: You mean the pros? I've talked to Ryan, Stacy, and Jessica, and yeah, those are some that I talked to, yeah.

Some, they shared their experience of going on their first tournament, LPGA tournament and actually dumping the shot, just to make me less nervous for the tournament.

And we also talked about how they like Malaysia. And I said, this is this -- yesterday at the gala dinner, it was all Malaysian food and they were all kind of skeptical. So yeah, it was really fun.

Q. This is for Kelly. How do you see your game right now in terms of looking to the future?
KELLY TAN: Well, I can start from first year. This is my first season on the LPGA Tour, and I'm making progressions every year, little bit by little bit and that's a good sign. You know, like I say, I've been working really hard on my game and fitness, as well. So results aren't quite showing yet but I'm sure they will show in the future.

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