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May 10, 2001

Chris Riley


LEE PATTERSON: Chris, wonderful start to the tournament.


Q. 66, six under par.

CHRIS RILEY: I was just playing solid, I was three under 215 and birdied the last three. I made a real good birdie on 18, hit it in the right trees and hooked one around to about 15 feet and made it. So it was a nice capper.

Q. Well, any questions? Chris, what did you do, make putts?

CHRIS RILEY: Birdied the last three.

Q. Why don't you just go over your card for us real quick then.

CHRIS RILEY: The last three?

Q. Yeah.

CHRIS RILEY: Well, 16 is a par 5. It's reachable in two. I hit driver, 5-wood just short, chipped in from about two feet and made it. Then 17 is playing straight down wind, 200 yards. I hit 7-iron, about 25 feet, made that and then on 18 I hit it in the right trees, snap-hooked a 7-iron to about 12 feet and lipped it in.

Q. Lipped in?

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. That was fun today. Thanks.

Q. How have you been playing this year?

CHRIS RILEY: I've been playing okay. I mean I think I'm like somewhere in the high teens on the money list. I just haven't had a good one yet, but I've been playing consistent. I mean I think I have three top 20s. So I'm just looking for that big one, you know, those ones you gotta -- for a guy like me who's not a superstar, I'm looking for those couple top 5s that you have to have out here or else you're down the road. I mean that's just the way it is, I think. I don't know. But hopefully I'll just get into contention and see what happens. But I'm feeling good about my game, so...

Q. What do you feel good about?

CHRIS RILEY: I feel good about everything. I'm driving it good. I'm hitting my irons good. The only thing I'm a little shaky on is my putting. I just -- I know it's there. I just gotta go work it out, so...

Q. It's been there for you in the past. It's not like you're a bad putter.

CHRIS RILEY: No. I'm usually a pretty good putter. I think that's why I stay out here, I mean, really, my putting. So yeah.

Q. What have you done here in the past?

CHRIS RILEY: This is my third one and I've made the cut and finished 55th every year, I think. So I'm looking to improve on that.

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