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October 23, 2016

Padraig Harrington

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. You said at the beginning of the week you came here to win and you've done that. How do you feel?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I feel really good. I was very relaxed all week. I was in a nice place mentally. I've been reading Dave Alred's Pressure Principle and it gave me a few pointers that maybe I'd been missing out on and I stuck to those all week. It was a big plus for me.

Q. A couple big up-and-downs on the way in.
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I was very comfortable around the greens this week and allowed me to be aggressive to the pin. Pretty much all week I just went after every pin because I just felt great around the greens.

This type of rough and the texture of the greens, I didn't feel like there was anywhere I could be short-sided.

Q. What was the turning point today?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: There's always a turning point in the last round. I was doing nicely, but holing the bunker shot on 11 gave me the momentum that it's going to be my day. You know, when you hole something like that in the last round, there's always something like that happens in the last round. There's a point where you can take the opportunity or you miss the opportunity, and you look back at it.

Q. Plans for the rest of the year?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, obviously stranger things; you know what, I move up in The Race to Dubai. You know, I'm not in the Masters, and I have to figure out what's my best chance of getting in there, whether it's World Ranking points, whether it's Order of Merit. I feel like I'm playing well, so I'm just going to have to re-examine all those things.

Q. What does this victory mean to you?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: Oh, I haven't won yet this year, so I know the year is nearly done, so it's always important to get a win every year, a winning year.

It's a big win. Portugal Masters is a big tournament. I've been coming here for ten years. So I've always liked it down here. I've always liked coming down to Portugal. And with the Irish crowds, there's so many Irish people here. It always felt like a home away from home, so really nice to win the tournament.

Q. Tell us the game that you played this week, flawless?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I tried to be really aggressive. The golf course suited me and I just tried to go after every pin I could and make as many birdies. I have a pretty good short game that was on form this week. No matter where I hit it, I felt like I could get it up-and-down.

Q. And years later you are back to the victories. What's the feeling?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I've been winning elsewhere over the last number of years. I won last year in the States and I've won a few in Asia. I've been winning enough to keep me going but it is nice to win in Europe and it's always important to win in each decade.

Q. Do you want to give a word to your supporters?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I've had great support, both from -- obviously a lot of Irish people down here on holiday. But I get great support from the Portuguese fans. My golf coach, my original golf coach, Harold Bennett, and his son, Tony Bennett were the original golf coaches down here at the Portuguese Golf Federation. So I've always had a bit of an affinity with the federation down here. It's somewhere I've always come and felt very welcomed.

Q. What's the plans for the rest of the season?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I have three more events. The question is going to be whether they are on the U.S. tour or European Tour. But I have three more to play for sure.

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