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August 2, 2001

Chris Riley


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Great round today. You have 16 points, which included five finishing up with five birdies. Why don't you make a couple of comments about your round and we'll go into some questions.

CHRIS RILEY: First of all, going into today's round, I had to withdraw from the Pro-Am yesterday because I didn't feel very good. I had a really bad sore throat, so I just pretty much slept all day yesterday and today I had no expectations but to go out there with my caddy and have fun and make a lot of birdies and, you know, over every putt he would be like, "All right, get another 2 here." I really enjoy coming to tournament. The format is fun and exciting, and it's fun to have a change out here.

Q. Will you be able to turn this over to the next round?

CHRIS RILEY: I don't remember the last time I finished with five birdies. Tomorrow, I'm just going to go out there with the same attitude and just go out there and make a lot of birdies. That's the name of the game out here is to make birdies. Which when you come up to those par 5s, especially 8 and 17, you have to be thinking five points. To tell you the truth, I don't know -- I haven't really been in here before. And after the first round I won't be leading, but I know I'll be doing well. I'm just going out there tomorrow and try to make a lot of birdies.

Q. Does the fact that you like this format make you play a little more aggressively, does that help you today especially with the lift, clean and place?

CHRIS RILEY: Absolutely. Well, I kind of go about just playing my game and just trying to make birdies, and like today I got on a roll and tried to stay out of my own way and they just kept going in and it was a lot of fun to see all of those putts go in. I think I had seven birdies on the front nine, so that was probably one of my better nine holes.

Q. What particularly was working for you, was it just the putter?

CHRIS RILEY: I was just hitting a lot of good shots and driving the ball well. It was the putter, though. I made a lot of putts outside 10, 15 feet, but I also hit it close a couple of times. So it was just a lot of fun out there today and hopefully I could make a lot more birdies tomorrow.

Q. Was it more pressure to put up a big number early?

CHRIS RILEY: No, I think pressure is all put on yourself. I think -- I've got great accommodations this week. It is my second year staying at a friend of mine's house, Terry (ph). It just feels like home. This is my fourth week out on the road and I was running out of gas, but I was just going over to his house and relaxing and it was nice to feel like you are at home.

Q. You made a bogey on 10. Was it nice to get that real tough hole out of the way that quick?

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, that first hole -- that's a tough hole -- I started on 10 today. I just hit it right and had to lay it up. But I think No. 10, the key is just the drive. Yeah, after I had that bogey and then I bogeyed another hole, No. 4. It's a tough driving hole. It's like two fairways, and I actually hit a decent drive, No. 3. I hit it down the left side and it went in the ditch.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Why don't you go through the rest of your birdies. After 10 you birdied 14?

CHRIS RILEY: I drove it in the rough, pitched out and hit an 8-iron about six feet and made it. Then 17, I birdied -- yeah, 17. I hit driver, 5-iron about 30 feet. Then 1, I hit an L-wedge in there about six feet. 2, I hit the pin. Almost went in the hole. Hit the pin, dropped down and went about two feet, 9-iron. Bogey on 3. 5, I made -- that's a good hole, No. 5, as well. I hit driver, 5-iron about 15 feet and made that. 6, driver, wedge about 20 feet and made that. 7, 8-iron about eight feet and made that. 8, I made a 6-footer for birdie there. Then 9, I hit driver, 8-iron about six feet.

Q. What did you hit in on 8?

CHRIS RILEY: No. 8, I drove it in the rough. Pitched out. Hit wedge in.

Q. (Inaudible.)

CHRIS RILEY: You know, I feel good today. I feel 100% better than yesterday. Like I said, I didn't like missing the Pro-Am, but I just felt like it was in my best interest to let someone else go, but I feel good -- you feel good when you are making birdies out there. That will heal you real quick.

Q. How important is it to start early?

CHRIS RILEY: Whenever you come here, I think you anticipate a delay in the afternoon. Tomorrow, I think it will be the same. I just am anticipating a delay. It is nice to get a good round off, and, you know, it's only day one and I realize that and there's a lot more golf left. But I'm just thankful for the opportunity coming up.

Q. When you have an early start, that's the day you really want to make some --

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, post a number. But then you know when you go back out there tomorrow that you are going to be close to the lead, but these guys are so good -- you'll be close to the lead.

End of FastScripts....

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