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August 3, 2001

Chris Riley


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Chris for joining us for a few minutes. Good round today. Kept yourself in position. Great position going into the weekend.

CHRIS RILEY: I would have taken after two rounds, but five points today wasn't that impressive. I made three birdies coming in, I think the last five or six holes. You just want to hang around until Sunday, so I did that.

Q. The last few holes, do you think you were struggling?

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I felt like I was struggling all day. I mean, five points, it's like three birdies, which, you know, there's a lot of par 5s out there that you can eagle. Like I said, I think I'm one or two back of the leaders. I guess that's fine.

Q. A bunch of UNLV guys?

CHRIS RILEY: Edward Fryatt and myself. He's been playing well the last month or so, so it will be fun. Hopefully I'll be paired with him tomorrow, I don't know. We'll have some fun.

Q. At 21, would you figure that -- where will that put you into the weekend?

CHRIS RILEY: I think it will be in the top six, Top-10. I think I need to make at least 20 more points. I'd like to get to 40.

Q. The way the scores are going, what do you think you're going to need to win?

CHRIS RILEY: 24 is leading, so 44. 42,43.

Q. Do you think anybody can get to 48 this week, maybe 50?

CHRIS RILEY: I'm sure someone could, if he starts making eagles or stuff. The scores start adding up quick, but that's a lot of points.

Q. The turning point in the round nor you?

CHRIS RILEY: Probably No. 10. I actually hit a terrible drive into the bushes and actually I caught a good break over there. I still made bogey on the hole, but, you know, that kept me going. I made a good up-and-down on 12 for par, and then I birdied 13. I bogeyed No. 6 with a pitching wedge. It wasn't very good. Then I birdied 8, then hit in the water on 9. Bogeyed 10. Birdied 13, hit it in there about six feet. Birdied 15. Made it from about 30 feet. And then 17 I hit driver, 3-iron and chipped it to about five feet and made that. I've got to play a lot better to stay in contention, obviously.

Q. How are the conditions? Do you think you are going to have to have lift, clean and place tomorrow?

CHRIS RILEY: No, it's drying up out there. If we don't get any rain tonight, then I don't think we need to lift, clean and place.

Q. Were you looking at double-bogey, when you were in the bushes?

CHRIS RILEY: Until I got up to the ball, I thought it was in the bushes. Yeah, double-bogey is not good.

Q. It wasn't in the bushes?

CHRIS RILEY: No, I had a swing and everything, so I lucked out.

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