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October 23, 2016

Justin Thomas

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. You started the day four shots back. What was your mentality?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Really same thing every time I come out here, you have to make a lot of birdies. It obviously went a little differently than I thought those first three holes with Anirban making nine on 3. He just got very, very unlucky there a couple times.

But I got to have a great start, being 4-under through five is pretty much how I dreamed about. But I know those first five holes are very, very gettable and I knew I needed to at least play them 2- or 3-under, so to play them five was a good start to the day.

Q. Your first title defense, successful. What went well for you this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, hopefully they all go like this one did. It was fun. It was different. I really was very pleased with how I felt like I handled myself and how I felt out there. I was very calm but a lot of it was from last year honestly. I didn't really get nervous until probably 16, 17, 18. It was a lot because of last year and what happened, and I used the past experiences that I've had. So, yeah, it feels great.

Q. What is it about this course that sets up with you so well?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I really don't know. I think the main thing right now is that I just played really well this week. I feel like I would have played a lot of courses really well but this place obviously suits my eye, and I think the fact that there's a lot of wedges and scoring clubs bodes well for me. I feel like it's a very strong part of my game and making a lot of birdies is something I like to do, as well. Yeah, hopefully I'll keep playing it well.

Q. You're off to China next week. What does this do for your confidence heading into that field?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Feels great. But at the same time, I just need to get a little rest tonight. I'm sure we'll have a little celebration with some of the buddies. But got an 8:30 flight, headed to China tomorrow and just got to start over like it never happened. Just kind of regroup and get ready for next week and get a good game plan.

Q. Your playing partner, Lahiri, did you guys call each other, plan the outfits today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, we actually did it twice. On Friday I wore pink pants and he wore pink pants, too. We obviously both have great style; I think that's what it is.

Q. What did you think of his play this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I played with him probably a handful of times and I thought he putted the ball beautifully. Made some really, really good putts yesterday. Made some good putts today, too, but he had a lot of putts that burned the edge that easily could have gone in and would have made those last couple holes a little more stressful for me.

You know, it just wasn't his time this week. It's really when you win, you just have very fortunate stuff happen. I got lucky a couple times this week. He's going to win a lot of times out here and I'm sure it won't be the last time we'll be dueling it out.

Q. You had an early wake-up call this morning. Tell us a bit about that.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, the Alabama game kicked off at 3:30 our time. Woke up at about 4:00 and got the computer and streamed it and just laid in bed and watched it and probably woke up a couple people in the rooms next to me. But was very pleased with our performance and it was definitely a good start today. I don't know how today would have gone if they had lost.

Q. Did you Facetime with someone at the game?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, a couple buddies, the rammer jammer, the song we sing after we win, they face timed so I could sing it with them. Those guys are probably having a pretty good time right now. It's maybe 2:30 in the morning or something there. Thank them for helping me out this morning.

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