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August 4, 2001

Chris Riley


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Chris Riley here in the interview room with us. Thank you very much for joining us. You hung in there. You are in good position still.

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I'll take it. I'm playing pretty solid. My putter is really working well, and hopefully I'm going to go hit some balls if this storm doesn't come by. I feel like if I'm hitting the ball good. I'm putting as good as anybody today. I made a lot of good par save putts today, too. So it is going to be fun tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about some of the par saves.

CHRIS RILEY: Which helped me finish well, No. 13, I hit a tee shot to the right and then I short-sided myself. The pin was back, middle and I short-sided myself left and I was dead and I had no shot, really, so I hit it about 25 feet and made it. Then I had three birdies -- I think three birdies coming in. Maybe --

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: I thought you only had one. (Laughter.) You birdied 14 and 17.

Q. How about other par saves?

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, you know what, I'm a low-ball hitter so, actually my short game is really helping me out here. I hit a lot of good shots. My ball trajectory is really low. They have always said the high ball trajectory does really well here, which I believe, but I'm trying to prove them wrong with my low-ball flight. I can't hit a 3-iron but this high up in the air.

Q. There have been a lot of people that are saying that the course is playing really hard today and the conditions are making it really tough. Some people are coming in with a better day today than any of the other days. How do you feel about that?

CHRIS RILEY: Today, I think today -- well, we didn't lift, clean and place today. The conditions, it was a little windy out there and there were some tough pins, but I think it has been playing the same the last three days, but not much. The course is a lot -- it's drying out. So, obviously it's going to be a lot firmer.

Q. Having the tee box on 14 back seems to prevent a lot of eagles, maybe keeps people crowded together?

CHRIS RILEY: You know what, I have never played that tee box on 8 until today, and neither Stewart Cink -- he hit a driver -- in there about six, ten feet and he got home in two. But with my length, there's no way I can get there in two. So it's a three-shot hole when that tee is back. When the tee is up, I do have a shot at going for it. My wedge play has been so well this week; sure, I would like to go for it and get that five points. But, no, it doesn't bother me.

Q. You're on the brink, you're in the hunt, however you want to put it. Do you look at this as an opportunity for a breakthrough mental win, or is it that simple? Can you flip a switch?

CHRIS RILEY: I have nothing to lose, really, for me. It's going to be a great opportunity. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. You know -- like I said, I'm just really looking forward to tomorrow, and I have nothing to lose. I don't know how I'm going to feel. I'm sure I'm going to be nervous, but I'm just going to have a lot of fun and make a lot of putts.

Q. When you do have a make through win, how instrumental --

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I don't know. I've never won. I'll let you know tomorrow if I win. (Laughter.) Hell, that would be great. I'd love to do it here, against such a great field.

Q. Do you feel it's going to be important to really get a good start going tomorrow, to keep you right among everybody else?

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I mean, I'd like to get off and make a couple birdies early. In this game, you've just got to be patient, because if you make a bogey -- I'd rather make bogey, bogey, bogey, birdie, birdie, birdie than make all pars. It's kind of fun to have a wild game out there and make a lot of birdies and make a lot of bogeys. I'm just -- hopefully I will get off to a good start. I don't really worry about it. I just try to take it one shot at a time.

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