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October 22, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. How would you summarize that round out there today?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Struggled. Slow, didn't get off to a particularly great start. I didn't feel like my long game -- I pulled a lot of shots today. Got better towards the end, so I felt like I salvaged it out pretty well.

To be two behind going into the last round, pretty happy with that. I think it could have gotten away from me quite easily today. Even with the bogey on the last, I'm still pretty pleased with my day's work.

Q. Obviously getting there towards the end, it's good for tomorrow, isn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely. There's something about that back nine where I felt like I can get going a little bit. A lot of the holes suit my shape so I feel like I can really hold it up into the wind. Hopefully tomorrow that will put me in good stead and get off to a quick start and try and lead from the front.

Q. You short-sided yourself a few times today. Did you learn from that?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, yeah, I did. It was just poor swings. I wasn't trying to start left of the hole. Just purely trying to lean on it a little bit and then just squeezing it left. Wasn't so much that I was trying to be that aggressive. It was just poor swings than anything else.

Q. Looking forward to defend your title tomorrow?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely, at the start of the week if someone said you're two behind going into the last round and you've got a chance to defend, I'd have snapped their hand off. I'm in a great position to go out there tomorrow and try and defend my title.

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