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August 5, 2001

Chris Riley


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: It was a good week for you, Chris. You finished second, but I think the effort was very good and you should be very happy.

CHRIS RILEY: It was way more than I expected this week. Wednesday I didn't feel very good and had to pull out of the Pro-Am. Today, I just kept playing and playing and playing and then I didn't look at one scoreboard. To be honest with you I didn't even know where I stood out there today. I just kept playing and playing and playing and I didn't even look at one scoreboard and then they told me I finished second and it was hard to believe, but I did.

Q. What was going through your head at the top of 18?

CHRIS RILEY: I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that I might be in a playoff for the INTERNATIONAL. I mean, Tom Pernice is a great guy and we played together yesterday. I'm so happy for him. It would have been nice to have been in a playoff, but I'm more than delighted with where I ended up this week.

Q. You said that you could not believe that you finished second. Did you look at the scoreboard at all during play today?

CHRIS RILEY: I'll be honest with you. I peaked on 17. I looked up and I saw 30 points for Brad Faxon and he was in fifth place, but I didn't see where Pernice or Vijay. I was at 31 standing on 17 green and was like: Let's roll this in and get a Top-5 because I knew Faxon was at 30. Disappointed on the last hole because I drove it down the middle. Like I said, I didn't know where it was. My caddy said it was the perfect 6-iron and I was feeling a little jittery. I felt a little pumped up out there, and I tried to hit a 7-iron and just closed it down and just came over it. I'm glad I got the ball up-and-down, though. That was a big putt that I made, that 6-footer.

Q. It seemed like -- did the course play harder today? There were a lot of guys putting balls in the water where typically they might not. There were some Top-10s out there today.

TOM PERNICE: I haven't been in this situation a whole lot out here, but I just told myself to be patient out there and just -- pars are not bad. I love this format. You make a bogey and you can come right back. Like I said early in the week, you can go bogey, birdie, bogey; you'd rather do that than go all pars. I'm more than delighted. But to answer your question, it did play pretty tough out there today. There were some tough pins and just happy to be where I am.

Q. What were the wind conditions?

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, the wind was up out there. It was into us a lot. I kept losing my ball to the right, and coming down the end, I think I was not finishing my swing, so I was just concentrating on having a good follow-through. Like I said, just one shot at a time. Just live with the results. Just do the best that you can on each shot.

Q. Did your playing partner say thinking about his struggles during the back nine at all?

CHRIS RILEY: I tell you what, on 18, when he rolled that putt in for eagle, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. It was unbelievable, the roar. You know, it was -- I felt sorry for Chris (DiMarco) out there. He struggled towards the end, but we didn't talk much. We just focused on our own games out there.

Q. You seem pretty happy to have finished in second place.

CHRIS RILEY: Oh, yeah, I'm more than happy. You know what, I was 114 on the Money List, and just trying to have some solid golf tournaments, but last week I didn't play that well. I missed the cut. You know what, I'm more than delighted. I'm glad to be in the situation I was in. I learned a lot by just focusing on one shot at a time, don't look at the leaderboard; that just puts added pressure on you. This is a big week for me. I didn't win, but I finished second. One guy beat me and this is a great feeling. I mean, what more can I ask more for.

Q. Will finishing second here change the rest of your schedule? What are your plans?

CHRIS RILEY: I didn't commit next week to Michigan -- but I got in the PGA now, so that's a real bonus for me, so I'll be playing at -- I'll be going to Atlanta. I was going to take two weeks off, but now I'm going down to Atlanta. So, that's a surprise. I didn't even think about it. But you brought that up; I'll be playing in Atlanta now, because I needed 150,000 to get in and I think I made 300 whatever. Plenty. Too much for me.

Q. You're over the top.

CHRIS RILEY: (Laughter.) Yeah. I'm really looking forward -- it's going to be the second major of my career, so that's going to be good. No, I mean, I'm more than ecstatic.

Q. What was your first major and how did you do?

CHRIS RILEY: U.S. Open in '99, the one that Payne Stewart one.

Q. How did you do there?

CHRIS RILEY: I missed the cut. But I learned a lot. (Laughter.)

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go through your round.

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I birdied 1. I drove it down the middle. Hit a 5-wood in the right bunker. I pitched it out to about three feet and made birdie. Then No. 4, I made bogey. That was a tough hole. That pin was tucked right. 7-iron, left in the bunker. Bogeyed 6. I used an 8-iron out of the bunker. Bogeyed 9. Drove it right down the middle and hit 9-iron in the bunker and made bogey there. Then I think I birdied 11, I hit a wedge to about 25 feet. Curled it in there.

Q. What was your yardage?

CHRIS RILEY: 155, downhill. No. 12, I made bogey. I drove it in the right bunker, in the right rough off the tee. Hit a good shot out of there, but it caught the bunker and hit it to about 12 feet. Birdie on 14, drive, 5-wood just right up front and chipped it to about a foot and a half. 17, driver, 5-wood and I hit a bunker shot to about two and a half feet.

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