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October 21, 2016

Marc Warren

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. 65, how does that feel backing that 1-up from the first day?
MARC WARREN: Really pleased. It's always tough to follow up a really good score like yesterday. It was good, tried to stay as patient as I possibly could out there and nice to finish with a three at the last.

Q. What's clicked from a couple of weeks ago where you're fighting for it.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, obviously kind of looking over your shoulder a little bit a few weeks ago and looking to get inside the top 110. Once I had a good finish at Dunhill taking care of that, I feel as if a bit of pressure has come off and can look forward and try to qualify for some events at the end of the year. It's a much nicer place to be playing your golf, as opposed to looking backwards all the time.

Q. You're 67 in Race to Dubai, obviously you want The Final Series, you know what you've got to do to finish it off and get in there?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely, but that will take care of itself. As long as the form continues like this, hopefully Final Series I'll be able to play, not too far away but a strong weekend is needed.

Q. How nice is it having the family? I was just seeing your little Baba giving you a thumbs-up at the back of 8?
MARC WARREN: Exactly, I felt like I had a good putt on 8 and it just slid by, and looked back and Archie there giving me the thumbs up, and kind of quickly realised what's important in life. It's brilliant to have them here, and once you get away from the golf course, totally take your mind off it.

Q. How was it out there for you today?
MARC WARREN: Very good. I felt as if I played okay front nine but back nine -- front nine was my back nine today, and felt as if I played really well. Drove the ball much better. Setup a few chances from there and a nice to hole a few putts. All in all a good day.

Q. Finish with a birdie must help?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely. Hit a good shot in there. I was expecting the wind to move the second shot a little closer to the hole. Middle of the green was fine. To be honest pushed the putt a little bit but managed to hold its line long enough to go in.

Q. I see you've got your family here, your young son, how much does that help distract you from the job at hand?
MARC WARREN: It's great. I've had a couple good weeks coming into here and it's nice to have the family here and nice to enjoy being at the golf tournament again, as opposed to head down trying to grind out results. Feel as if my game is in good shape so I can come to the golf course and do what I need to do, and go home and enjoy the family time, as well.

Q. What will you do now? Quite a while till your next round.
MARC WARREN: Going to go get some lunch with the family and then I'll just do a bit of light practice, hit a few balls, a few putts, few chips and have a nice relaxing afternoon.

Q. Meant to be raining tomorrow. Better to be out late?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, supposed to be pretty bad overnight, so later on, yeah, hopefully get the best of the conditions but we'll wait and see. Obviously the weather can change quickly.

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