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October 21, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. Great second round, 61. How proud are you of that round?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Massive. I knew I needed to go low today to get a beat on the leaders. So to go out there and shoot that score is absolutely fantastic. I had thoughts of 59 coming down the stretch there, but it wasn't to be. Fantastic to being on top of the leaderboard and give myself a chance going into the weekend.

The game's felt good for a long time. The putter's just been a bit cold, and today just holed a couple of good putts out there just to get the momentum going. Only takes a couple of putts to go in and you start seeing it go in all the time. It was nice to see it going in again and just continue the good play.

Q. Does it help having the Sully Army around you?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I knew if I could get off to a quick start, I could get them on my side and really use them as momentum and it worked. They were cheering me on the whole way around and to be fair, every time they turn up, I seem to play well, it might be an expensive next year for me bringing them everywhere.

Q. You're used to this at the Portugal Masters. You're leading now. You've got Marc Warren tomorrow it looks like in the third round?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, more of the same for me. I know last year, I was aggressive the whole way around and I know I've got to be aggressive again. I think the course is set up very easy this week, and I know you've got to be going at flags and you've got to score the birdies in there.

It will be more of the same today hopefully going at flags and hopefully holing a few more putts.

Q. Do you think we'll see 59 on the weekend?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, it's out there. There's definitely a score out there to be had. Still there's a lot of things that go into it, so I think it will be tough. But it's there to be had, so hopefully, hopefully it will be me.

Q. Tell me your thoughts about this great round?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, I felt like I played really well yesterday and just didn't quite hole the putts. I'm not saying I could have shot 10-under yesterday but I felt like I could have shot a little bit lower. It wasn't surprising to get off to a good start when I started holing a few putts. I just wanted to continue that the whole way around and I felt like just keep shooting at flags, being aggressive. I knew I still had to chase Marc down. It was 14, so it was always a target today.

Q. You're going to make history at the Portugal Masters. What can we expect from you for the weekend?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Just more of the same. More aggressive play and more going at flags and hopefully more of me holding the trophy at the end of the week.

Q. 61 today. How was that?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, just great. I felt like I played good, really good again. I holed a few more putts. Felt like I got the putter going early. As soon as I start seeing the ball going in the hole, I feel like I'm going to hole them all. It's a nice thing to have when you're out there. I just played aggressive like I've done last year and yesterday.

Swing feels in great shape and I felt like I could go at pretty much every flag today. So it's a nice feeling to have and hopefully I can continue that into the weekend with the putter being warm.

Q. You didn't look unrelaxed yesterday but you looked relaxed today; did that feel like it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. I know I've been getting frustrated about my putting and not letting it happen. So today it was more I'm going to go out there and try and free it up, let my putting -- I know I'm a good putter, so just go out there and try and hole the putts, and it worked.

I felt really relaxed and obviously as soon as the first few went in, I felt like as soon as I started seeing the ball go in the hole, I felt like I was going to hole a lot of putts today. It's a nice feeling to go out there and continue holing putts and obviously playing so well here last year, as soon as you start getting that low feeling again, you just pull on all the good feelings that I had there last year.

Q. Same score as you were last year going into the third round?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, might have been. I might be, yeah. So I'll take the last two rounds I had last year and see what happens. But I know there's low scores out there so I know I'm going to have to go out there and still be aggressive. You can't defend on this golf course. You've still got to go for your shots. It's something I enjoy doing and hopefully it will continue.

Q. Nearly obviously tied the course record today, just shaved the hole on the last?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I thought I holed that. I thought I hit a really good putt and I thought it was just going to drop in. The main goal was to get somewhere near Marc or within shooting distance. To pull one ahead of him was awesome to be fair. To shoot 10-under and draw level with Marc, that's a good day's work for me and press on at the weekend now.

Q. How was the Army out there today?
ANDY SULLIVAN: They were brilliant. Like I said, I just try to draw on them as much as I can. When the putts started going in early, I felt like there's a massive atmosphere out there, and I could use the momentum to really get me going and it did. They are absolutely fantastic and I can't thank them enough for how many times they come out and support me.

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