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October 21, 2016

Russell Knox

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Were you expecting to score so well today?
RUSSELL KNOX: Not at all. I thought I could shoot maybe 5- , 6-under would be a great score, and then I just started making putts after putts. Got on a nice little roll there and very pleased with my score.

Q. Not a dropped shot today and you made four back-to-back birdies, how did you feel after that last putt went in?
RUSSELL KNOX: That was a nice par to make on the last hole. I didn't make a bogey all day, so that was always a goal of mine. I got a little unlucky with my tee shot. Was in a bad position. So to make five on the last hole makes lunch taste real nice.

Q. You don't play in these conditions very often, coming from Scotland, so how was it out there for you?
RUSSELL KNOX: It wasn't as hot today. I mean, teeing off second out early and a little cloud cover, it's still warm, but yesterday felt much hotter to me.

Q. You're very well placed going into the weekend on the leaderboard. What's the plan going forward?
RUSSELL KNOX: This course, because of the conditions, you have to make loads of birdies. So aim at the pin and try and hole the putts.

Q. Obviously defending champ next week. You going to move to Asia?
RUSSELL KNOX: May be. I'm really looking forward to next week. This week was all about gaining some momentum for next week. I've never had a chance to defend a professional tournament before, so next week will be a thrill. That was great today. It put me -- I knew after 2-under, I needed a super round in order to get back into it as the conditions will probably be pretty amazing all week. I needed that.

Q. You mentioned it's a little different than your typical PGA TOUR event. Do you have to change philosophies at going at every pin? Do you have to talk yourself into that, or just knowing that you have to get seven birdies to contend.
RUSSELL KNOX: There's still four or five like hard holes out here, so you've got to be patient on those ones. You just have a lot of wedges on the par 5s. You have to take care of the easy holes, so to say. You have to birdie the par 5s and you have loads of wedges, so you know you're going to have lot of birdie putts. You've just got to kind of believe that you can make six or seven, eight, nine birdies.

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