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October 21, 2016

James Hahn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. With nine birdies and one dropped shot, not bad?
JAMES HAHN: Not bad. Played well today. Started off a little shaky. Birdied the first. Bogeyed the second. Made a good bogey putt on 2, so that kept the round going. Overall played a lot of good shots. Got up-and-down a lot from inside 100, 110 yards, so definitely helps.

Q. You started at minus three today. Were you expecting to play the way you did today?
JAMES HAHN: Absolutely. Every day I expect to play this way. No, it's a gettable golf course. You keep it in the fairway. You're going to have a lot of short irons into the greens and if you can judge the speed well, you can make a lot of putts out here. I made a lot of putts today.

Q. Were the conditions vastly different yesterday compared to today or did you do anything differently?
JAMES HAHN: It felt like the round took about an hour longer yesterday. I don't know why. It just felt like we played in about five hours.

Today it was -- fairways were always clear in front of us, so it was easy to keep the momentum going. Yesterday just felt like any time I had something going, we were waiting on the tee box for the second shot or on the very next hole.

So today I had a very good rhythm to it and it helps when I'm playing with a couple guys that are also playing well.

Q. When you look ahead to the weekend, do you expect that you have to keep up the standard to win the tournament?
JAMES HAHN: I think so. I think there's a lot of birdie opportunities out there, and Justin Thomas is playing well defending this championship, so he's definitely going to make a lot of birdies out there and take advantage of the par 5s. I feel like mid, high 20s is going to win it again this year.

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