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October 21, 2016

Caroline Masson

Hainan Island, China

Q. If you could talk about how your win at Manulife impacted your play in the tournaments there after, including today's round, perhaps with increased confidence?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, definitely after finally winning after four years on Tour, it definitely shows that I can do it and it helps with the confidence. Today it was important to stay patient out there, be confident and kind of be relaxed and not try to force things too much.

I think I've gotten a little more relaxed on the golf course after my win, so that's definitely a good thing.

Q. And your approach to the course today with all the wind and the undulating greens, would you describe it as more aggressive or defensive?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I think you've just got to be smart and you've got to be accepting out there. Some holes play very tough with certain wind and certain pin positions. So sometimes you have to hit a perfect shot in the perfect spot and get lucky, as well, to get it on the right side of the green or keep it on the green or get it close.

A lot of times, you hit a decent shot and you end up missing the green, so it's important to stay patient and trust in the short game, and I think that's what I did today. I made some really good up-and-downs out there, and yeah, kind of made the birdies when I had the chances on the last few holes. So feels pretty good, just knowing that I stayed patient and stayed relaxed out there.

Q. And you mentioned that you have a new caddie for this round, the first time you're playing with that caddie. What would you describe as dynamic and the challenges with having a new caddie on your second round?
CAROLINE MASSON: Well, honestly the big challenge was the whole situation. We got here Wednesday night like eleven o'clock, didn't have a practice round. He's an American caddie, so he's in yards and I'm in meters. There were a lot of challenges, which wasn't -- it was not his fault, not my fault but just because of the situation this week with getting in very late.

You know, we just tried to figure out the yardages and work together very well, and made sure we had the right yardage and the meters. So I'm keeping pretty busy out there, and so is he. Obviously we're really focused on that and trying to make the best decisions we can out there and trust in the numbers. I've just got to trust in my yardages, and making some decisions for myself.

Obviously it's tough for him. He doesn't know how far I hit the ball, and we just try to if I can out the best yardage and try to find the best club for that. It's been interesting.

Q. So you arrived Wednesday night, no practice rounds, and then entered into Thursday? Because there's been a lot of curiosity how much practice rounds the players got given the weather conditions.
CAROLINE MASSON: My caddie got in Wednesday night. I got in probably two o'clock on Wednesday, so I went straight to the golf course, practiced a little, played a few holes, four holes to just see some lines and see how the greens are reacting.

So not a lot of practice and not a lot of practice on the course and obviously without a caddie. Wasn't perfect but sometimes you've just got to deal with it and make the best of it, and I think I did a good job with that.

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