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October 20, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Vilamoura, Portugal

ANDY SULLIVAN: The way I hit it, obviously I felt like I could have squeezed a few more out there. Ball-striking today was pretty good tee-to-green. Again, just didn't quite make the putts but that's been sort of the team for the last sort of three or four weeks really. I feel like if I keep hitting it and give myself chances like that, I'll give myself a low one sooner or later and hopefully I'll be able to do that this week.

Q. Any pressure playing in front of sully's Army? It's growing bigger and bigger?
ANDY SULLIVAN: They take the pressure off. They are absolutely fantastic. You know, they cheer you on at every moment. Front nine, I felt like a little bit down the way I was playing and not really converting and they kept me going for a long time there, and then the back nine I started to play better and give myself more chances.

It's down to them that I probably played that little bit better today I felt like. If I didn't have them there, I could have fell into the doldrums after that front nine. Thank Sully's Army for getting me through that.

Q. Can anyone get to your total of 23-under last year?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I think it could get quite close to it. I think the way the course is set up, it's very scorable. There's not a lot of rough out there. The only protection, they can tuck the pins and it's a little bit firmer than it was last year. I still think there's going to be a lot of low scores out here and if it stays like this, you'll see a lot this afternoon, as well.

Q. So what are you going to work on after lunch?
ANDY SULLIVAN: A bit of pace putting. My pace wasn't very good today. I'll be doing a lot of pace putting and hopefully see the ball go in the hole and get at it tomorrow and get some putts going in.

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