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October 20, 2016

Padraig Harrington

Vilamoura, Portugal

PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Obviously I got a very quick start, 6-under after eight holes. Played okay after that. Missed a couple of putts, a couple of 3-putts. Felt like I should have done a little bit better after that but 6-under after eight, I certainly got a few breaks in that. I suppose overall, a 5-under return is probably a fair return for the day.

Q. You said yesterday that you were going to go out there and be aggressive, you obviously started off quickly.
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: It's an interesting course. Obviously there's no rough and the greens are soft. Plenty of birdie opportunities. But there's still some tough shots out there, like the tee shot on 7. That will give you the heebie jeebies any time. You have to hit some really good shots at times. Particularly good shot on 7.

18 is a tough tee shot, if you try and hit the fairway it is, and the par 5, 17, was a tough enough shot. There's plenty of testing shots with water, but you get your tee shots away, lots of birdie opportunities. So it really is about driving the ball well here.

Q. Talk us through 15. You had an eagle 2.
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: It was reachable, so you could hit it on to the front right of the green and leave yourself a difficult 2-putt. I actually hit mine straight at the flag on the bank short left of the green. Left myself, I felt, an easier chip than maybe chipping from the right-hand side and as it turned out it was. I chipped it in.

Q. Lots of positives to take out of the round?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, reasonable positives. I'm disappointed, as I said, I missed a few putts. That's probably what I'll focus on for the afternoon.

Q. How are the greens rolling?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: They are a lovely pace for rolling putts. One of those, it sort of sets up -- if you've got 15-, 20-footers, you're not thinking about pace. You're just giving it a run at the hole. You'll certainly see plenty of birdies and plenty of putts holed this week.

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