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October 20, 2016

Marc Warren

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. Congratulations, fantastic score, what about the start, six birdies in a row?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I think I've had six or seven in a row but never at the start of the round. Yeah, it's absolute perfect start. Yeah, everything was going right for me, just the right numbers and landing it close and a couple of tap-ins. It was a great start.

Q. Did you think of the magical 59?
MARC WARREN: Not really. A poor 3-iron from the middle of the fairway on 7 kind of put an end to that. But it probably wasn't a bad thing, a bit of a reality check and played pretty solid. I didn't drive it that great but apart from that I was pretty solid after that.

Q. Strengths of your game today?
MARC WARREN: I would say wedge play and putting were really good. Like I said, landing on good numbers and hitting it really close. Birdies I made were kind of short-ish putts and didn't really take advantage. The two par 5s on the back nine were disappointing but can't be disappointed with a start like that.

Q. Fantastic week at the Dunhill Links, turned your season around. What was the catalyst for that?
MARC WARREN: Working hard over the summer on my swing and couldn't get it matching up day-to-day. As soon as it went, it was the feel more than anything else, the actual shots weren't that bad. But the feel of it because it was out of sync. I feel as if the last few weeks I've got control of that and the bad shots are not quite as bad and therefore, I feel as if I've got my mental on my side.

Q. You've got some big events coming up, how far forward are you looking?
MARC WARREN: Just tomorrow morning, go to the range and hit a few balls, cool down and hopefully continue the good form tomorrow morning.

Q. Is it quite hard after a quick start to continue?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, you really have to control your expectations I think more than anything else. You know, you kind of want to just keep hitting it close and making birdies obviously and realise golf is not that easy. There are going to be a few holes you're going to have to dig in and overall I was pleased to keep moving forward on the back nine and come back in 2- or 3-under.

Q. Was there any particular facet of your game today that was particularly good or just the whole game?
MARC WARREN: It was all pretty solid. I would say wedge play was really good today. First few holes hit it really close with wedges and that set up some really good chances, some really nice putts. Just tap them in and move on. Wedge play was good, getting distances dialed in.

Obviously the sun setting a little bit, you could see some footprints on the greens a little bit. Obviously a lot of play but overall they were rolling quite nice. Hopefully get out tomorrow morning, the wind obviously picks up in the afternoon here, hopefully a little bit calmer in the morning and can take advantage of that.

Q. You're 67 in The Race to Dubai at the moment, and looking to get to the Top 60. Is that top of your mind or just go and play golf?
MARC WARREN: Just go and play golf but it's a nice goal to have. A few weeks ago I was playing to get inside the 110 and managed to take care of that a few weeks ago. It's nice to go looking forward as opposed to looking over your shoulder and standing me in good stead at this point in time.

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