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October 20, 2016

Justin Thomas

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Talk about your round today, 8-under par with only one bogey?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was a good day. It was solid. If there's such a thing as an easy 8-under, it was. I wedged it great. I took advantage of the first three par 5s. I just hit a terrible 3-putt on the first par 5, No. 3. But just kind of went along my business today. I was just very comfortable and I hit it in there close a couple times and made a couple putts but it was a pretty low-stress day.

Q. Your first opportunity to defend a championship on the PGA TOUR. What's it been like for you since you got here from the Safeway?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, game feels good. It does. But it's fun. I've never had the opportunity to defend before. Only other time I've won professionally was the Web.com and I wasn't there the next year.

So it's cool. It's fun being back and people know who I am or are just kind of, you know, hope you win this year kind of thing, too. It's been fun. It's been new but hopefully an experience I get to experience a lot.

Q. You played at Alabama so you're used to the heat. Is it anything like this kind of heat and how do you deal with it? I asked Sergio the same question.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's just different, man. It's very similar to Florida heat. It gets really hot in Louisville where I'm from, too, in the summers. But I feel like once it gets to about that 95, 100 heat index, it's all the same. We're wearing pants, we're sweating a lot and it's really just trying to maintain energy.

I felt really weird to start the day. I told Jimmy I felt kind of like Jello and I just felt weak, but I just tried to drink as many waters as possible.

I played well today. It was kind of an easy, low-stress day. I didn't make it too hard on myself. Whenever I got it out of play off the tee I managed to at least find the green. Made a lot of short putts out there, which can be tough to do sometimes on these greens. Yeah, it was a good day.

Q. How were the conditions out there today compared to 2015?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, it's the first time I felt wind here before. Obviously wasn't very strong but it was at least there. Made us think a little bit and had to flight some shots and kind of had to play for it a little bit.

Yeah, the course is very similar. The fairways are soft. The greens have a good firmness to them and yeah, it's in great shape.

Q. The good memories that came back to you today, did it feel like déjà vu?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not really. It's only the first day. Obviously have a good memories here after last day. There's some spots, we had a lot of similar pins to Sunday last year and Jimmy and I kept talking about that, how the pins are very similar. I guess maybe a little bit with something like that. But just more so just focussed on the day.

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