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October 19, 2016

Adam Scott

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ALEX URBAN: We would like to welcome Adam Scott to the interview room here at the CIMB Classic.

You shot 62 last year to make a run at it and came up one shot short. Talk about the golf course and coming down the stretch with a chance to win last year.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, this was a good event for me last year. Having played my first event on the PGA TOUR season, getting off to a good start and setting me off for a good year on TOUR, but more specifically, got it going in the last round here last year. Was trying to reel the guys in but came up one short.

But fond memories of the golf course. I think it's fun when that's possible at a tournament that there's a low round out there and you can potentially come from five, six shots back with a good round of golf.

Fun to be in the mix and it would be great to do it all again this week.

ALEX URBAN: You mentioned it was your first event of the year last year. This is the only event in this part of the world that offers full FedExCup points. You finished fourth last year in the FedExCup, how important is it to get off to such a nice start?

ADAM SCOTT: It is nice. It takes the pressure off as you get a bit of an off-season through Christmas and New Year's. It's nice to be able to have this event with FedExCup points, and next week, HSBC Champions, and try and get off to a bit of a flyer. I think a lot of guys like coming to this event for that specific reason. You can get off to a good start. And again, another good field here this week. It's going to be tough and need to play some good golf.

Q. Talking about the final round last year, how does it feel being back having had a shot at it last year?
ADAM SCOTT: It was a great last round for me last year, and nice to think I might have a chance for a minute. But after playing good golf anywhere, it's exciting to come back. So to come back this year, knowing the course a little bit better, feeling a little bit more comfortable. I love playing in Asia. Hopefully I'll be able to play well enough to give myself another shot at it this year, because it would be great to win the CIMB.

Q. What was your round with the queen today like?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, today was a lot of fun. I just played some good golf, and she seemed like she enjoyed her golf. We all had a good time out there. I think we would have liked to make some more birdies, but I think that's always the case with golf.

Anyway, it was a real pleasure to meet and play golf with the queen today.

Q. Did you play with her last time?
ADAM SCOTT: I didn't last year. I was meant to play with her, but something happened and she didn't play.

Q. So you're looking forward to this whole thing, right?
ADAM SCOTT: Of course, yeah. Any time we come into a tournament, it's exciting. Especially for me coming to Asia, it feels like I'm always getting closer and closer to home after a long year. I've enjoyed lots of success playing in Asia over the years and I was so close last year here at CIMB and hopefully this year I can just go one better.

Q. Are you going to take time off after this?
ADAM SCOTT: Still have quite a busy end-of-year schedule till the start of December. I play next week in China and then three events in Australia. I have quite a bit of golf left to play and then I'll take a break as we go into the new year.

Q. What do you do during the break?
ADAM SCOTT: Of course, there's some things with golf and physical training that you must maintain. Otherwise all the hard work goes to waste.

But other than those little bits, I'll really enjoy spend something time with my family and not having to fly around so much.

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