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October 17, 2016

Aaron Sanchez

Toronto, Ontario - Pregame 3, Canada

Q. Your last game here was your first postseason start. What did you learn from that? There were obviously ups and downs. What do you take with you from that one start?
AARON SANCHEZ: Hopefully just keep my emotions in check. I've been there before last year but it was out of the pen. The roles were a little bit different.

But just keeping the excitement under control. That's the biggest thing I've found. Maybe execute more pitches, just making sure I stay in the moment and keeping my feet under me.

Q. Eight days rest, is that correct, from your last start to tomorrow?
AARON SANCHEZ: Yeah, maybe.

Q. How different is that? What sort of adjustments do you make?
AARON SANCHEZ: I've been doing that all year. They've given me the opportunity to pitch on six, pitch on sometimes ten. So it's something that I've had to deal with all year, so I feel ready and prepared coming into the start. A lot of pitchers don't like it, but having the luxury of doing it throughout the course of the year quite a few times, so it's not anything new, so I'm excited.

Q. People talk about the home-field advantage you guys have here. Other than the noise is there anything you can put your finger on on why you seem to play better here?
AARON SANCHEZ: I don't know. Maybe getting that last chance at-bat in the ninth, too, maybe. These fans have been great all year. I think that's probably the only element to our advantage here. I don't see anything else that really stands out to me, other than 50,000 strong every night.

Q. There's been talk about Toronto holding a rotation advantage in this series. I'm wondering if you guys as starters, is that something you feel like you really have to go out there and perform, because this is one area where all things being equal, the Jays should have an advantage in the series?
AARON SANCHEZ: Yeah, I think if you talked at the beginning of the year it wouldn't have been that way. As we perform throughout the year I think that's something that has kind of come about. But I don't think there's anymore pressure on our staff than what it's been all year. We understand what we have to do, is go out there, execute pitches, keep our team in the game, stay in late as you can, get as many outs as you can before you have to turn it over. It's kind of been our mentality all year, and we have to continue to do that until there's no more games left.

Q. Starting pitchers are creatures of habit. How different is it for you when you do have an odd number of days between starts, whether it's seven days or ten days, how do you adjust your routine to get into starting pitching mode?
AARON SANCHEZ: I kind of let my body get back to being a hundred percent or as much as to a hundred percent as I can, and start my routine five days before I start. Whatever I've done all year, I look at, if I'm pitching on Friday, I'll start my routine five days before that, and do exactly what I've done all year.

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