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October 16, 2016

Adrian Gonzalez

Chicago, Illinois - Postgame 2

Dodgers - 1, Cubs - 0

THE MODERATOR: First question.

Q. How big was your hit last night against Chapman and carrying some momentum over into today's game?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: You don't really carry momentum. Every day's different, every day's new. Your approach is different. Obviously a different, completely different, style of pitcher. And for me, I was just trying to get a ball in the air, and thank God I was able to get it in the air and get it in that nice jet stream.

Q. On that double play when Baez kind of looked like he caught the ball and it bounced, what was your vantage point from that?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Yeah, you know, that's a heads up play for him to just let it drop, because we got to freeze, we can't run on a ball like that. Kind of put us in no man's land there. And if it's a little bit higher, it's an infield fly, so it doesn't work. But I guess it was low enough so it wouldn't be an infield fly. And it definitely put us in a tough spot to -- if I tried to run back, he could just tag me right after. So then at that point when I freeze and then I took a step back, I realized that the ball is going to the shortstop, so I got to go the other way, and I'm just caught in the middle.

Q. I'll state the obvious, but going back home 1-1, how important was this win tonight for you?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: It was huge. You definitely don't want to go 2-0. I know that we came in here wanting both, but taking one is good and we'll be ready on Tuesday to try to take the series lead.

Q. When you guys had the meeting on the mound in the 7th inning, when Clayton basically said he was confident enough to Baez out, what was sort of that like for you guys and the trust you have in Clayton in that spot?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Well, personally, for me, when I saw Dave come out, I was hoping he came out just to give him that pep talk to keep going. I felt like he was still throwing the ball great. And Javy got a base hit, but it was on a curveball, it wasn't on a pitch that Clayton was going to go after him with there. So I was hoping he would leave him in, and I was glad that Clayton told Dave that he could get him out and he was able to do what he said.

Q. Can you talk about the home run, what were you looking for there and did you think all the way it was going out?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: First at-bat, nobody on base, I wanted to be aggressive. And I saw that he -- first time through the order or first inning he attacked us with fastballs early, trying to establish his fastball, knowing that he was going to go to his changeup later in the game. So, I just wanted to get a fastball and try to elevate it. And like I said, thank God I was able to hit it in the air. And I felt pretty good about it once I hit it, but I still ran knowing that it could have easily not gone over the wall. So once it went over the wall, you know, it's a good feeling.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Thank you.

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