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October 16, 2016

Brittany Lang

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Started the day with the lead; even par round. What are your sort of thoughts on that round?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I thought I played good. Obviously wish to make a few more birdies, but hit a lot of good putts and a lot of good shots.

I think I need to do a little bit better job tomorrow just staying within myself and within the process. I don't think I did a great job with that, but I still think I played very solid.

Q. Does the mindset change when you come in with the lead?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, you feel a little added pressure. But if you're working on the right things and staying in your process you're playing the same game. And I don't think I did a great job with it today. I did a good job.

Alison played great. She played really solid golf. I'm going to get to play with her again tomorrow, and I am just going to have to be a little bit better mentally.

Q. I think coming in after 65, is that also difficult to back up from a round that's super low? You don't often see people shoot back-to-back 65s.
BRITTANY LANG: They always say that. I'm not sure why, but they always do say that it's hard to shoot a low round after a low round. I don't get it.

I played really solid today. I hit some good putts, good shots, and just couldn't really get anything going. Still pretty happy, obviously, with my position.

Q. Confident going into tomorrow? Obviously won this year. You've won the major, so you know you can do it if you have to?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. Alison is playing great, and I know she'll play great tomorrow. I'm just thankful to be in the position. I just want to be in more of these positions and I'm not, and so I'm excited for many too.

I'm glad I'm here, and whatever happens, happens.

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