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October 15, 2016

Kenta Maeda

Chicago, Illinois - Postgame 1

Cubs - 8

Dodgers - 4

THE MODERATOR: First question.

Q. How would you assess your performance today?
KENTA MAEDA: It was not good overall.

Q. First few innings there were a lot of base hits and was that because you were not having a good feel of your pitches or was it because, even though you threw good pitches, they were hitting pretty hard, probably, maybe having researched what you were going to throw.
KENTA MAEDA: There were a lot of pitches I left over the plate that they took advantage of.

Q. Third and fourth inning it looked like you were settling in and you had a pretty good feel of the rhythm, what's your thought on being pulled out after the fourth inning?
KENTA MAEDA: I understand that I got pulled out after the fourth inning, despite pitching well in the third and fourth inning, it's a game that we can't lose and being behind three runs, it just turned out so that I was up, the pitcher's spot was up, so the team had to prioritize on the hitters.

Q. The last game of the season or regular season and the last two outings in the postseason you haven't been pitching the way you usually pitch, is there any reasons as to why that's going on, is it mechanics-wise?
KENTA MAEDA: The last two outings in the regular season I don't think too deeply into it, since, especially since we clinched the season. The reason why I haven't been doing well the last two games, it's not really because of mechanics per se, it's just I'm not executing my game plan, and that's what I have to do.

Q. Second inning it looked like maybe there was a little bit more luck involved in terms of the Cubs scoring some runs. What are your thoughts about that inning?
KENTA MAEDA: Good or bad hits, at the end of the day it's the result that matters and three runs were scored, so it's something that I do have to face the fact.


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