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October 15, 2016

Carlos Santana

Josh Tomlin

Cleveland, Ohio - Postgame 2

Cleveland - 2, Toronto - 1

Q. Josh, looked like you were leaning heavily on curveballs early in the counts. Was that a pitch that was working especially well today or something you wanted to do coming into the game?
JOSH TOMLIN: A little bit of both. I needed to establish I could throw for a strike early on, and then it was a pretty good pitch. It was effective early on. So the endgame strategy at that point was use whenever is a good time for it and see if we couldn't get them out in front to try to get some early outs.

Q. Josh, month of August you moved out of the rotation and here we are in October, you get your second postseason win. What's the ride been like for you the last two and a half months or so?
JOSH TOMLIN: It was a tough ride in August. But going back and talking to Mickey and talking to some other guys on the staff about kind of what I was doing, and I kind of figured out what I was doing, just tried to make the adjustments as quick as I could. And when I figured out what I was doing, I was making more mistakes, wasn't executing pitches in August, with my stuff, average stuff, if you don't execute pitches to the edges you're probably going to get beat pretty good. The home runs were up, now I'm not sure what the number is, I'm able to locate and execute pitches right now. And the variety of pitches is a lot better mix right now than it was in August.

Q. Josh, the curveball isn't a pitch you use much in the regular season, what's made it such an effective weapon in the postseason for you?
JOSH TOMLIN: I'm not real sure. Sometimes you find that slot and find that rhythm later in the season and maybe a pitch isn't as effective later on as it was early in the season. To me it was just find the grip, stay with it and just trying to execute it. And some days it's good, some days it's not and you've got to adjust accordingly. That's not to say it's going to be good the next time out, if it's not then I've got to go with something else. Try to get creative with it.

Q. Josh, when you have the kind of guys coming in after you from the bullpen does that make it a little different, maybe you can empty the tank out a little faster than maybe a starter would knowing you don't have to go seven or eight innings to win a game?
JOSH TOMLIN: I'm going full bore from the first pitch on. I don't have the luxury of kind of cruising through a game. But it does help knowing that there's guys in that bullpen that are going to come in after you. But those guys have been great in the regular season, they continue to be good in the postseason. So our job is to stand there until Tito walks out and takes the ball from us. We have all the confidence in everyone in that bullpen to come in and shut the door.

Q. It seemed like bright sun out there, how tough was it to see when you were hitting.
CARLOS SANTANA: This is my house. So I understand. So it's tough for see. Especially like beginning start 4:00. I see Napoli and he taking glasses out and I say, Oh, my gosh, he's a star, but for me I don't try too much for hot, so and that's why.

Q. Carlos, knowing that Happ has had a really good year, how important was it to get something against him early before he could get into a real good rhythm? How big was it to hit that homer off him?
CARLOS SANTANA: He's great. He's great. I see him with the team very happy and playing hard every day. We have to be continual. Be continual. I understand Toronto, they have a very good team. So we cannot take a chance when they come back. I know it's short series, a lot of emotion the game. I mean, we have to keep the play.

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