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October 15, 2016

Tommy Fleetwood

Watford, Hertfordshire, England

Q. Thoughts on the day?
RICHARD BLAND: Yeah, a little mixed emotions really. I flushed it on the range this morning and yeah, started great, and then I just kind of lost my way a little bit for nine, ten holes, and had a few sort of shots where the ball went sort of funny yardages.

I played good the last five holes to keep myself in touch with Alex, and yeah, it's all to play for tomorrow.

Q. And prior to those last four or five holes, there were a lot of saves, weren't there, lots of good things to keep you in there?
RICHARD BLAND: Yeah, exactly. It's just one of those days where, I don't know, I hit all my good shots on the range this morning. I can't hit it any better than that on the range. So maybe I need to hit it poorly on the range tomorrow.

But yeah, sometimes you've got to get it done a little ugly, and I did that today. I said to my caddie, if that's our worse day and we shoot 69, we should be in with a good shout tomorrow depending on what Alex does. He's a class player. He's only going to go forwards, and we've got to go try and catch him.

Q. Is that a very nice taste with the 18th, putting it up a slope and nudging it so close?
RICHARD BLAND: Yeah, sometimes you're thinking, you might actually get two back on him. He had a really tricky first putt, one you would probably 3-putt more than most, and he holes it. Fair play to him. That's one of those where you've just got to say good shot to him and well done.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Going to go home and rest and come back fighting tomorrow.

Q. Do you actually feel any different taking a lead into a third round?
RICHARD BLAND: No, I felt very comfortable. I think that kind of showed early. I came out of the blocks pretty early and I hit some really good shots early and made a couple of fast birdies. Yeah, I just hit a couple shots that went funny yardages and just knocked me off my sort of balance a little bit. I saved par when I needed to, and, yeah, was positive with the finish, so that's what I'm going to take into tomorrow.

Q. Fast start tomorrow?
RICHARD BLAND: Yeah, going to need it. He's pretty quick, as well.

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