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October 14, 2016

Cheryl Reeve

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sparks - 92, Lynx - 75

Q. Coach, just wanted to ask, did you think after the first half when you got it back down to eight points that maybe you can taken their best shot?
CHERYL REEVE: No, not at any point in time. We felt fortunate to have a chance to cut it to eight, and I'm disappointed from there that we didn't do some things that we were trying to get done. Credit, obviously, LA for backing up their words.

Q. When they built that 22-point lead, what are the biggest challenges that you and your players had to face either emotionally or tactically?
CHERYL REEVE: You know, I think it was, more than anything, LA's sense of urgency, taking the ball out of our hands. You know, just the idea of when someone is being pressured, how to handle pressure.

I don't know that there was much emotional. It was really tactical in that when we watched the video, we're going to be really disappointed with our spacing. Really disappointed with the passes that we didn't see. Really disappointed that we don't pivot and fake, and that's how you handle pressure.

These are things that we talked about that we knew that LA would do. That's what their defense is predicated on. So that was disappointing. They cashed -- it felt like we had 30 turnovers for 60 points is what it felt like, with just 13 for 24 they cashed it on every one of them. When we needed good offense, we couldn't get it done.

It's absolutely all on the want-to of Nneka Ogwumike and Candace Parker to start the game, and then Carson and Beard throughout the game. Their want-to was on 10, which is exactly where you would expect it to be. I'm not sure what we were expecting when we started the game, but it wasn't that.

Q. Those first 15 minutes or so, LA's offensive rebounding was really wreaking havoc on you guys. How do you compensate for that in Game 4?
CHERYL REEVE: So I mean, it's a want to thing just like when we do it. It's stupid. It's a want-to thing. There's nothing tactical. It's just they want the ball, and whoever does it in Game 4 is going to win.

Q. How do you explain this? I don't think anybody would have expected this game to turn out this way, and certainly not to start the way it did. Did you have any inkling that your team was going to be so flatfooted at the beginning, and how do you get them back on track in a very short period of time?
CHERYL REEVE: I don't know. I'm not a psychologist. As I expressed to them before the game, what I thought the game was going to be, boy, was I wrong. I didn't see it coming. I'll be honest with you. Give all the credit to LA because I don't know -- at any point in time did we think it was going to be different than what they did in terms of their aggression, and their persistency. We talked a lot about that; they're going to be persistent in what they were trying to get. They won the persistency battle. We didn't rise to the occasion. You know, we were soft. We were feeble, and didn't rise to the occasion. Did I see that coming? No, absolutely not. It was disappointing to say the least.

Thank you.

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