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October 14, 2016

Chris Wood

Watford, Hertfordshire, England

CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it was the worst score I could have had today really. Played very solid. Just seemed to have putt after putt for birdie, certainly on our back nine, which is the front nine. Couldn't buy a putt, really. So 8-under is sort of probably the worst score I could be on I feel, really.

Q. Strangely, does that feel a positive when you've shot a 66 and you're not entirely satisfied?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, if that's my worst score for the next few days, I'll be quite happy and hopefully speaking to you on Sunday. But I mean, 66 is still pretty good. It was a lot different, the conditions this morning. We were all expecting it to be a bit colder but yesterday afternoon I think was nearly two shots harder than the morning. Hopefully the wind picks up a bit for these boys this afternoon and even the draw out a little bit.

Q. It must say that you're doing an awful lot right and you're back in the groove?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I feel well, clearly, shoot a couple of scores like that. Played nicely at The Ryder Cup, as well, so take some form from there. But yeah, the simpler I can keep things, the better.

Q. British Masters is something that's about in your memory? Do you remember it growing up a bit?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, any time I'm playing in the UK, we always used to see it on TV. The British Masters and Wentworth were the two we sort of watched most of all along with the open. Events like this, just prove the point that get kids watching it and they can be playing in it in a few years' time.

Q. I know you were told in the advance of this championship about the people who won it on the back of winning at Wentworth. Was that something that stuck in the mind?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it's beginning to become a bit of a sort of target. Obviously I'm four behind Alex and he's playing great this year. But what motivation that is, yeah, to try to get your name up with those guys there, but we're only halfway yet.

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