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October 14, 2016

Tommy Fleetwood

Watford, Hertfordshire, England

Q. That was an adventurous round but a very good one, wasn't it.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, panicking when you can't get off the tee for the first five holes and you don't know what's coming. I just had that good middle stretch. I did struggle early on. Everything went left.

I pulled a short putt on 11 which is my second hole of the day and then I hit three or four tee shots left that were really poor. To be fair, it just shows that the course is tough. If you were to hit it out of position, there's plenty of birdies to be made which I did in the middle stretch.

And I always knew that that middle stretch, there's three par 5s and a couple of shortish holes and you had to target them. You had to make at least two or three birdies on them. On the 15th tee, gave myself a target, get back to level par and go from there.

Yeah, I was just happy to get going again. I struggled early on and then played lovely coming in.

Q. Well, you could have been so down on yourself and let it all slip. Are you proud of the way you fought back?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I pretty much moaned my way to good golf after those first few holes. Moaned all the way down 17 and chipped in, and then eagled 18 and before you know it, smiling and the world is a better place.

You have to keep going. You haven't got a choice. You've got 18 holes to play so there's no point in going this there a grump after four holes. You've got to carry on. Otherwise, you know, you can make a mess of it. I was happy with how I kept going.

Q. You look at that leaderboard now, tasty into the weekend?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, Beefy. Yeah, it's always going to be a good leaderboard, isn't it. Big tournament, there will be big names up there. I'm just happy that I'm one of them at the moment. That's two good rounds put together.

Nice bit of rest now till tomorrow, be out late and put three in and then we'll think about the fourth. Till then, we'll just concentrate on tomorrow.

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