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October 14, 2016

Anthony Wall

Watford, Hertfordshire, England

Q. Wonderful round today to be nine under?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, it was a really good day. Yesterday I felt like I could have shot 65 and today to come back and do it is a real thrill. Often do you that, you feel like you've missed your chance, and to then grab it again was good.

Q. How was it in terms of weather conditions? You had it pretty calm yesterday morning despite the drizzle and cold. This afternoon, that wind picked up again, didn't it?
ANTHONY WALL: It did and it's starting to get a little bit chilly. It's a good draw if I'm honest. We had flat calm yesterday and today has been pretty even. Might have got colder towards the late. I think early late, but playing early in the early late was a good draw this week.

Q. Do you feel particularly good about yourself when you're right up there and challenging once again?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I've got my family here. I enjoy my golf when I'm fit and I enjoy this golf course. It suits me. I can see the greens and I can read them and this helps. Some weeks the grass is different and some weeks you just can't see it.

Q. How familiar are you with this track?
ANTHONY WALL: Funny enough, I've played with my brother a couple of times over the years. Tend to stay away from the M25, but I would tend to play more country to play golf in my off time.

Q. Is it a social round, social visit?
ANTHONY WALL: Absolutely. Such a lovely place to come and play. You can have some nice lunch and stuff and it is a lovely place to come. My boys love to come and play here. It's a great resort.

Q. Do they play?
ANTHONY WALL: They do. Nicholas, my 11-year-old, won the competition at Sunningdale. He's loving it. They are both enjoying the golf. They are playing a lot of sport.

Q. How much encouragement do you give? How much coaching?
ANTHONY WALL: A little bit of coaching. I try not to push them at all because I want them to enjoy what they are doing. I want them to love all sports and they love all sports. So I'm happy just being a taxi driver for them.

Q. In Scotland, not that long ago with a victory, you said how much it was for the lads who had not seen you win. What's their reaction been?
ANTHONY WALL: You come down in the morning, they are watching highlights of the golf the day before, and they never did that until probably the last three or four months. It's increased, their view of golf and the sport. It's just been a buzz for everyone.

Q. Are you buoyed by it, an extra spring in your step?
ANTHONY WALL: I think the fact that I'm healthier that's helped because you try and take your chances more because you know that around the corner, something else might go wrong; golfers and backs and things. At the end of the day, I'm going to keep playing every day and try as hard as I can, not too hard, because sometimes that doesn't help either.

Q. Terrific crowds this weekend.
ANTHONY WALL: Yes, super event. I think SKY and The European Tour should be very proud of themselves.

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