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October 14, 2016

Brittany Lang

Incheon, South Korea

THE MODERATOR: A great round of 7-under today that both started and ended with a birdie. What worked for you out there today?

BRITTANY LANG: Yes. It was a very enjoyable day. The greens are really firm but roll really nice. It was such a perfect day of weather.

Started out with a birdie on 1 and just really played super solid. I was really swinging at it well. Hit a lot of fairways and greens, made some long putts early, and had a cool eagle on the back and then birdie 18.

It was just a really enjoyable, nice, solid day of play.

THE MODERATOR: So far this year you've had four eagles, and the fifth one on 15. Tell us what worked on that hole and how it felt.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, so yesterday that hole, when I got to that hole it was playing into the wind. I just laid up short of the bunkers and wedged on and still made a birdie.

Today was downwind so I could carry it. I just hit a nice little high-cut driver just right of the pin. It landed nice and soft and kind of fed down there. I was looking at it, and I swore it was going to go in. Just lipped out on the high side. It was like two feet, so very easy eagle.

THE MODERATOR: You mentioned that your brother, Luke, caddies for you and has for over a decade now. What's it like out in the field with your brother? How does it help you with your game.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I'm very lucky to have Luke on the bag. We've been at it a long time so we kind of have a nice rhythm. He knows me; I know him. We work really well together.

It's just always nice having a family member there by your side good days and bad days.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations on your win at the U.S. Women's Open a decade into your LPGA career. Going back to that victory, how did the win boost your confidence and possibly help with today's great round?

BRITTANY LANG: Run you through what? What did you say?

THE MODERATOR: Your victory at the U.S. Women's Open.

BRITTANY LANG: Oh, okay. Yeah, it was a really special day. Having my family there was really cool.

As far as my golf going forward it was a big confidence builder. Like I said, I haven't played great since then. I feel like I've played some good golf. I played really good in Waterloo.

Other than that haven't really played that great, so it's really good to come out and have some good rounds. I think I have gotten a little bit mentally stronger from that win. And just knowing I'm near the top here, I just really got to really stick with a good process.

I know that I can get it done, so I just have to really get back into my process of hitting good shots and know that I can do it.


Q. Two questions. The first one is do you find that more people are recognizing you in Asia after your U.S. Women's Open victory?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, they love their women's golf over here, which is really cool for us. Yeah, I do think more people do recognize me over here. Just in general, too, no matter where I go, which I think is really cool. I'm always flattered by that.

Q. Was there something you and Luke discovered on the range that led to the big difference between the final round in Taiwan and here?
BRITTANY LANG: I mean, that's golf. You got to just keep playing. I know I'm a good player. As long as I keep a good attitude and keep working on a good process of hitting good shots I'm not too worried about it.

I'm not worried about Taiwan. I tried my best and that definitely wasn't my week. You just got to move on.

No, there wasn't one thing in particular. Luke and I just kept saying, Keep a good attitude and just doing what you're doing, keep working a process. You're not going to play like that every week.

Obviously you're a good player so you know how to play good golf. Most important thing is just to keep your head up.

Q. So the first question is a lot of the players yesterday were commenting how firm and hard the greens were. A lot of them came in today and said they were able to get better scores not necessarily because it was softer today, but because they adapted to the hard greens. Did you have any particular strategy in tackling the greens today?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I think the greens are still very firm, some of the firmer greens we see all year. I think some of the pin placements were in maybe a little bit easier positions where you could get at the pin a little bit better.

So I disagree with that. I would say they're still pretty firm.

I would say that Luke and I did a really good job today just putting the ball in good places on the green and not getting too greedy at the pin.

You know, just hitting at the center of the greens and getting looks, because on firm greens I think that's really important.

Q. Second question was it's a bit early to talk about the final winning score, but what is your prediction?
BRITTANY LANG: I haven't really thought about it. The conditions look to be really nice the rest of the week. Just depends where the pin placements are.

I mean, if 10-under right now is leading for two days, I would probably say kind of like high teens, maybe 18. I'm not sure exactly.

I think it depends on course set up.

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