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October 13, 2016

Marc Warren

Watford, Hertfordshire, England

Q. Heading into this week, pretty much securing your card for next season, a lot of pressure off your shoulders, did you play with that freedom today?
MARC WARREN: I think so. It definitely helps. The last couple months have obviously been difficult. Looking forward to those few events and first and foremost trying to secure playing rights for next season. Delighted to do that last week and carry on the good form this week.

Q. I understand a little training aid has been a big factor. Can you elaborate on what that is and how that's helped?
MARC WARREN: I've been working hard with my coach, Mike Walker, and basically the gist of it my arms were not in sync with my body. And I was just practicing on the range at home and seen a little ball and picked it up. It goes kind of between your arms, and I feel as if I use my body more instead of my arms. I feel my swing is synced up quite nice now and gives me the freedom to go play the golf course quite easily.

Q. Talk about that swing being synced up, certainly was here at the second?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I had 235 into the wind off the left, so perfect number for 5-wood there. As you can see, it pitched nicely on the fringe and rolled up. And just said to Ken, my caddie, not often you walk up and tap-in for eagle which was pretty sweet.

Q. And then to back that up, as well, that's always nice, isn't it. And this putt for birdie.
MARC WARREN: It had a little bit of pace on it but fortunately it was right in the middle of the hole. Getting on that green in two is a pretty tough task. So first and foremost, happy to be in there and to see the putt go in was nice following the nice three at the second.

Q. How much are you a fan of this layout at The Grove?
MARC WARREN: It's a great golf course. I remember watching it 2006 the last time it was here on TV and I remember how good it looked on TV, great condition.

Q. What do you make of the 66 to start here?
MARC WARREN: Delighted. The wind was getting up as we were going around, as well, and changing, really pleasing. Wasn't really under too much stress at any time during the round, so a really enjoyable round of golf.

Q. I take it there's so much less stress after achieving what you did on Sunday?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, it all helps. I was saying last week, I felt as if the week before the Dunhill, I felt as if I practiced really well and looking forward to these three events. Carrying that good form into this week, just try to do the same things. And yeah, you know, kind of paying off with a really good score. Like I said, tee-to-green, I felt was really solid today.

Q. I take it there's a weight off your shoulders; that you can't necessarily play with abandon but your attitude could be a little bit different.
MARC WARREN: Bogeys probably don't mean quite so much. You know, it's tough when you're in that sort of situation when you're trying to secure your playing rights and everything else. Felt as if I handled that quite well last week and gave myself a nice boosts of confidence after a pretty tough summer. So carrying that confidence into today and hopefully the next three days, as well.

Q. And down to a 30-pound investment?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, basically been working hard with my coach, Mike Walker, and the swing has just been out of sync more than anything else. The actual plane of the golf course has not been too bad. Just out of sync. Arms aren't matching what the body is doing.

Found a ball at the driving range which sits nicely to your arms and feel as if I'm matching my arms up to my body. I did my research and bought a couple and I've been practicing with one at night and keep one in the golf bag and warm up with it in the morning.

Q. Tell us about the eagle, that was pretty special, wasn't it.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, it was, that was probably the best drive I hit all day, as well. Cut a corner a little bit over the bunker on the left-hand side. That was a really nice number, about 235, a little bit into the wind off the left, and just made a nice free swing with 5-wood. It was nice to walk up and see it about six, eight inches, something I could tap-in for eagle.

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