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October 12, 2016

Andy Murray

Shanghai, China

A. MURRAY/S. Johnson

6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It seemed a pretty comprehensive win. What are your thoughts on it?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I thought I played well. Yeah, I mean, after the first game I don't think he had any break points on my serve, and then I felt like I was creating a lot of chances on his serve. I thought I moved well for the first match in new conditions.

I was timing the ball well. I felt like I was controlling a lot of the rallies. Yeah, for a first match after playing pretty different conditions a few days ago, it was good.

Q. I don't know if you read some of Novak's comments the other day saying the ranking wasn't really a priority for him, he's not thinking about it too much. Do you see that and think, well, I've got a good chance here, just like maybe fuel some motivation to sort of do it?
ANDY MURRAY: No, it doesn't change for me. You know, other players, you know, don't motivate me. You need to find motivation. You can find it many different ways. Maybe some people get motivated by others, but, you know, the focus has to be on, you know, on yourself, you know, what you're doing.

You know, I'm aware that if I want to get to the No. 1 ranking I need to win a lot of matches. It doesn't just happen because Novak said it's not a priority for him. Just because it's not a priority doesn't mean he can't win this week and win the World Tour Finals and win the Australian Open, you know. That doesn't matter. You know, just because -- you know, maybe, I don't know -- my priorities are to try and finish this year as strongly as possible and make it my best year yet. That's what I want to do just now. And to do that I need to keep performing like I have been. I need to stay focused on each match and each tournament.

I have done a really good job of that the last few months, which at different stages of my career I haven't done. I'm happy with where I'm at and I want to keep that going.

Q. Where do you see this year right now if you're not sure it's your best? Obviously there was a year you won the Olympics before and the US Open, but where are you putting it right now?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, it's not over yet. So, you know, if I lost tomorrow and then lost my next five matches, you know, it would be a pretty disappointing way to finish.

But I want to finish it differently to that. You know, if I can have a strong three, four events, it will be my best year to date in terms of consistency, in terms of the titles won, and how many events I have sort of got to the latter stages of. Probably the most amount of ATP points I have accumulated throughout the year, as well.

So, you know, at my age I'm very happy about that, that I'm still progressing, still improving. Yeah, I just want to try and finish it well now. I don't want to judge it now and then just go on holiday for the next two months.

Q. One, what specifically are the differences in conditions between Beijing and here? And secondly, what are your thoughts about your next opponent?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, the courts are quicker. I think the courts are quicker. Balls are a little bit heavier. Different balls this week. It's been warmer than it was obviously in Beijing, which makes the conditions quicker. I mean, obviously the final that we played was extremely cold.

You know, so it was probably, I think, probably 16, 17 degrees tonight. So that's quite a big change from what we were playing in Beijing. If you look at the length of matches, there have been loads of quick matches here, like matches under an hour 5, hour 10, which nowadays, two-set matches, because of the courts and then the balls are normally pretty slow, they're hour and a half to two hours. It seems like the courts here are quicker and then the speed of the matches are faster, as well.

Q. And your opponent?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, the last few months he's played really, really well. He's had obviously a number of good wins but also very good results in the big events, too.

And last week, you know, he served for the match against Dimitrov, was playing very well in that one and didn't quite win it. But most weeks he's winning matches and he's playing some really good stuff against the best players. He's close to the top 10 in the world just now. I'm sure he will be motivated to try and finish the year. He's probably got an outside shot of making London, as well, if he has a couple of big weeks like he has done this year. It will be hard.

Q. (Off microphone.)
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, that was the first time I played him in the semis. I don't think he played particularly well that day. But, yeah, it was a good match for me. Hopefully I can play well tomorrow.

Q. I'm curious, does it at all surprise you the year you have had? Baby on board, could be sleepless nights, different responsibilities. Some people have found that difficult when they have had that situation arise when they're playing.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I think -- I mean, it can obviously work a number of ways, but I think we have been very lucky because she's been really easy, easy to travel with, she sleeps well, doesn't cry loads. And, yeah, so it's been quite an easy transition although it's been, you know, a big change and obviously a very different life you live after having children, I think, anyway.

But, yeah, it's been a great year. I have only seen it have positive effects on my tennis and on my mentality, really, about what it is I want to do in the sport. When I'm away this week, I'm thinking -- I'm not like, oh, I need to get back to see my family. So if I'm going to be away from my family and make the sacrifice, I want to make the most of it and give the best I can on the court and try and perform as well as I can. Otherwise why come here? Better stay at home.

So that's helped me a bit, as well.

Q. I don't know if you saw any of the Nick Kyrgios match before, but does it surprise you that someone can go within the space of three days from winning the biggest title of his career to maybe not giving his best effort three days later? Do you sort of sympathize at all with what he's feeling?
ANDY MURRAY: It can happen. It has happened in the past as well with players. We're not perfect. I mean, everyone is different. We all have our flaws, and, you know, make mistakes. You know, it doesn't mean that -- I didn't see Nick's match today. I heard a little bit about it.

You know, he will be disappointed, as well. Even though he might say in here he isn't and he's not bothered, he will be. And, yeah, you just want him to learn from those situations. You know, maybe he wasn't feeling great today, but you have to give your best effort of what you have on that day even if you're feeling a bit tired and, you know, lacking motivation because you have just won a tournament the week before.

You know, you need to go out there and give your best effort of what you have on that day. If he didn't do that, then he will be disappointed with himself tonight. But, you know, we're not perfect. You know, everyone makes mistakes. You just want to make sure that you learn from them and make sure it doesn't happen over and over again.

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