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October 13, 2016

Alison Lee

Incheon, South Korea

THE MODERATOR: Great round, Alison. Tell me what really worked for you today. The greens I heard were really quick and hard. How that sort of helped or hurt your play today.

ALISON LEE: Yeah, the greens I would say definitely were really fast and slick. Especially putting downhill it was pretty fast, and if you had a pretty long putt it was pretty hard to judge how the speed was.

But today I got on the green a lot. I gave myself a lot of chances at birdie. Putting was definitely one of my strengths today. It's definitely what helped me shoot 7-under. I made have a lot of good birdie putts. I think I only missed one or two putts inside 15 feet.

Overall today I felt I played really solid. Didn't make very many mistakes except for that one hole where I made bogey. Overall really great day.

THE MODERATOR: Last year was your rookie year. How is your approach to tournaments different this from your rookie year? How would you describe year one versus year two?

ALISON LEE: I would definitely say I feel more comfortable out here this being my second year on tour. Last year every tournament I played in was a brand new golf course. It was difficult for me to get used to a new green every week, a new golf course every week.

Having played already one year, I would come back to the golf courses and feel confident. I would definitely say it's a different approach. Like this week I actually got here on Wednesday because I had an outing in Vietnam.

So it would've been really difficult for me last year to have done that, but this year, since I've already played the golf course was a lot better. I know where everything was and how the course worked.

Also throughout the year I feel like it was a lot less stressful. Since I knew the golf course, I didn't really have to practice a full 18 every time or as soon as I got to the golf course. I was able to rest more and give myself free time instead of just having to grind out there and tire myself out through the week.

So, yeah.


Q. You missed five cuts this year because of your shoulder problem. You feel that's coming back into form as the season winds down?
ALISON LEE: Yeah, I would definitely say so. I actually injured knew shoulder back in February and I didn't know what was wrong. My swing was changing and all that and I definitely wasn't performing the same way I used to.

If definitely -- it hurt a lot, a huge portion of my mental game. I was struggling a lot on the golf course not only because of my injury, but because I was scared. I was scared of the ball. I didn't know where it was going to go.

So definitely was really tough mentally going through that, missing all those cuts. Like I said, last year I played very well, and I had a lot of very high expectations for myself this year. So very disappointed in that.

But I am very happy with where my game is now. Top 10 last week, and past couple months I've been playing a lot better and being on the leaderboards. Definitely happy with where my game is now.

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