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December 15, 2002

Phil Mickelson

David Toms


DAVID TOMS: We played good. Didn't make a bogey all week, and then finished with double-bogey on the last hole. I had a difficult shot, but at the same time, just hit a bad shot, 6-iron, 130 yards to the front. I couldn't get over the tree and just pulled it. I was trying to keep the face open so it wouldn't go left, but I hit a bad shot. Looking back, I should have hit a sand wedge over the tree but I just didn't think the shot through.

We both played well all week. Phil got hot yesterday and got us right in there. The other guys played very well, as well. We put pressure on them. They made a double-bogey on the 13th, but then came back well with a couple of birdies. I didn't know they had a double-bogey in until the tee shot on the 15th. Hit a lot of good shots until that last hole, but that's just part of golf. What else can you say?

Q. All in all you played some great golf this week.

PHIL MICKELSON: We played very well this week and gave ourselves a shot at it and put ourselves in position to win with a couple of holes to go. The last hole certainly was disappointing way for us to finish, given that we fought so hard yesterday and today to get back in the tournament.

Q. When you play with a teammate, is it almost harder to have a bad shot, rather than when you're playing as an individual in a regular TOUR event?

PHIL MICKELSON: I didn't feel that it was more difficult to play with a partner. I felt like today it really helped me because I've been sick all day and to not have to hit every shot, it was a nice break. I felt that if I had to play on my own, I would not have played nearly as well as if I had a partner as I did today.

Q. If you hit an errant shot, do you feel like you let your teammate down, not just 18, but in general?

PHIL MICKELSON: I could see where that would be the case, but we didn't feel that way. We didn't apologize for poor shots. We know that's part of the game. We fought as hard as we could.

Q. You guys got a great reception out here from the fans and certainly won over some new ones that probably didn't know much about golf.

PHIL MICKELSON: The people here were tremendous. We had great support in the tournament, and the people here treated all of the golfers just tremendously. It's a wonderful place to hold a World Golf Championship. It's a quality golf course, and everybody in the field enjoyed their stay very much.

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