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October 11, 2016

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Watford, Hertfordshire, England

CLARE BODEL: Matt, defending British Masters Champion. How important do you think that first European Tour win was for you?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it was massive. It sort of obviously came a lot quicker than I anticipated. I remember speaking to Chubby after I had won, and we were both sort of saying it wasn't really on our radar to win and it just happened and it was a nice one to just tick off a goal straightaway. It was a special week.

CLARE BODEL: You're obviously here on the back of your first Ryder Cup experience. Obviously not the result that you were looking for in the end but what did you take from that experience that you think will help your game going forward?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it was an amazing experience. Just being around the atmosphere and the pressure that's involved on the first tee, while you're playing, it was unbelievable and there's nowhere else that gives you the atmosphere like that. It's fantastic.

Q. Since you achieved your first win at the British Masters last year, can you describe the 12 months you've gone through since that experience?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I can't believe it's a year to the day today. It's obviously gone so fast, and obviously since winning, a lot's changed. There's lots of doors opened. I managed to squeeze into the Top-50 at the end of the year and a good end of the season after the British Masters, as well, three Top 10s. Just sort of played great most of last year and I've played okay this year.

But like I say, the big thing is, a lot's changed and it's all happened so fast. It's almost a bit difficult to comprehend I guess.

Q. Did you ever end up buying the Ascari A10?
MATT FITZPATRICK: No, I've not bought anything with my money yet. Just saving it up. Just saving up and hopefully buy a house eventually, but yeah, just biding my time.

Q. Obviously you played last week at the Dunhill, missed the cut. Was that sort of a hangover from The Ryder Cup in terms of the massive experience of The Ryder Cup, to come back to earth and play last week?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I think that's one thing that I learned, pretty much no matter what week it is, I think if I look to play in future Ryder Cups, I won't play the following week. I think that's something I probably should have looked at sort of once I got on the team.

But the week itself, I really enjoy it, the Dunhill. I've played well, but you've just really got to enjoy that week. Was lucky enough to play with Luis Figo, so that was a fantastic experience to play; even though he said it was a bitter experience for him, I don't know how he worked that one out. But yeah, it was fantastic, just like I say, I feel a little bit flat and I think particularly that week, a lot of guys, just to be able to enjoy it and not too intense, and that's not really sort of my personality. I feel like I need a bit of intensity.

Q. I think you were 12 years old last time this course hosted an event, so I was hoping to get some of the gauge of what the course was like after your round today.
MATT FITZPATRICK: Played nine holes today, played 10 to 18. Jamie, my caddie, he had not managed to walk the course yet, but it's a good test out there. The greens are a good defense. Off the tee, it's not too generous but there's a little bit of space out there. But into the greens, they are quite firm and they are quite slopey. You've got to hit good second shots.

Q. Just wonder what your reaction was to Tiger Woods pulling out of his come back? We had Chris Wood in here earlier, quite shocked and upset that he's in the going to be able to see one of his heros return to the game on the weekend. What's your reaction?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it's a massive shame. There's no doubt that as soon as Tiger comes out, the figures for the golf on the TV and tournament are going to go through the roof. It's just what he brings to the game. Yeah, it's a shame not to see him back but I'm sure he's doing it for the right reasons; that he wants to get ready and compete to where he has been in the past.

From my side, obviously it's completely understandable if that's what he wants to do and we'll all look forward to when he does return.

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