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October 9, 2016

Marc Warren

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Are you a happy man right at this moment?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, very happy, to say the least. Obviously knew coming in today was an important day for me in terms of the season and to go out and play like that, 67, bogey-free was relatively stress free as much as it could be.

Had a really good par putt on 14 after driving in the bunker there, but that was the only trouble I was in all day. Really nice bonus on 16, and hit two great shots into 17, which took the pressure off, and nice to finish with a three at the last.

Q. It seems strange to talk to you about keeping your card but must be a huge sense of relief.
MARC WARREN: Someone said to me, keeping a card is very similar to the pressures of trying to win a tournament, and at the end of the day, you are, you want to hit the shot as good as and you can try to make as many birdies as you can.

Yesterday was really important, that good round at Carnoustie and then to follow up with a round like that, I'm really, really pleased.

Q. Have you been feeling trepidation and awkwardness, but did you have that positivity that it would come right?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, of course, it's tough and the way I've been playing this year, which obviously the numbers don't lie, it's not been great but last week at home, I felt as if was the best practice in a long time and then played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and it's the best I'd been on the golf course, for this season, anyway and felt really comfortable with my swing all week and on the range warming up, I was praying it was going to continue into today. Managed to hit the shots I had to hit.

Q. And I guess you don't have to pray it will continue. There's a positivity going forward.
MARC WARREN: I think it may be my first or second Top-10 of the season, depending what the guys do, top five, but in these last events, I knew I needed a big finish somewhere, and to do it here, there's no better place.

Q. How are you feeling now? Happy I would guess.
MARC WARREN: Very happy. To kind of pull out the best performance of the season this week, obviously delighted and like I said, on my favourite golf course is really, really pleasing and coming down to the last few events where I needed a good finish or a couple good finishes to try and keep my heart, knowing that you had to do it, and doing it, is a pretty good feeling.

Q. Would you say this is one of the most important rounds of your career today, given it wasn't just a good finish and prize money, but about keeping your Tour card.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, this is a tournament I've always had on my schedule and I was fortunate, one year I couldn't get in and got an invite and got a top five finish and got my card back that year. It's a place I knew I could do it, have a good finish, and very similar circumstances.

To do it again this week, really tough to put into words, but relief would probably be the first word that comes to mind.

Q. How difficult is it going into the last few weeks that perhaps time is running out in terms of securing your playing status for next season; has it been difficult, or do you just put it out of your mind?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, it's impossible to put out of your mind. It's the fact of the matter that you have to perform. I knew it was three big tournaments coming up. This one, I was looking forward to more than most, three links courses. I feel like I perform well on links golf as a whole, and the prize fund obviously is massive this week.

Like I said, I've done it here before, had a good finish to get my card back, and you know, to do it this week again is kind of history repeating it receive. Hopefully I don't leave it as late again.

Q. In terms of the future and going forward, how big a turning point potentially could this be for Marc Warren?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I think I've been kind of in and out all season. I would say technically with my swing not feeling quite comfortable on the golf course with what I was doing. Last week, I practiced really well and the three practice rounds I played in the lead up to this week was the best I've played all season on the golf course, as comfortable as I felt with my swing and managed to carry that over into this week and good finish this week, but already looking forward to the next two weeks and hopefully try and squeeze into some of the events after Portugal.

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