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October 9, 2016

Ross Fisher

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Your thoughts on second place once again.
ROSS FISHER: It was always going to be tough. Starting the day, five behind, three behind I think I was, needed to put pressure on Tyrrell but unfortunately my game is just not quite as solid as the first three days. Didn't hit the ball as good as I wanted to. Putts just weren't rolling in the hole today. Was trying to be aggressive, trying to stay patient.

Still shot 67 and a great birdie to finish on the last but no matter what I was going to do, Tyrrell was just too good today. In search of his first win, final group at the Home of Golf at St. Andrews, he played flawlessly. He hit I would say one bad shot on 17 which cost him a five, but he was just too good today. All credit to Tyrrell on a great first in.

Q. So when you're having par after par to start, you kind of know that's the day?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, you want to get off to a hot start. I had a couple chances early doors on the first and the third. I think he made a birdie on maybe 4 and 5. I didn't capitalise on the par 5, so I kind of found myself struggling to keep pace and then made a couple of good birdies around the turn on, I think I had two in a row on maybe 6 and 7, I think it was.

Wanted to try and get some momentum on the back nine. Holed a fantastic par putt on 11 after shooting way through the green there.

That kind of kept me in it and had a slim chance, but you know, to be fair, I would have had to have gone out and shot 9- or 10-under to have had a chance. If I would have put pressure on him, he might have played differently. But unfortunately just again, came up against someone that was too good at the day.

Q. The birdie at the last, that's very nice to ensure second.
ROSS FISHER: It was nice. I didn't think I caught the drive as well, so I thought I was going to leave myself a decent sort of number, and then kind of got up there and it was a bit further than I thought, and was thinking about pumping it through; just trust it and fortunately pitched exactly where I wanted to and to see it resting up there a foot and a half, two foot -- still had a little bit of tilt on it. But hearing the roars on 17, obviously Sterne had pitched in there, and to see walking up the last, he didn't birdie 18.

It's an end to a fantastic week. It's been two really good weeks consecutively, so a lot of momentum, a lot of positives, and just yeah, just taking it one tournament at a time.

Q. And the third week to come, British Masters?
ROSS FISHER: British Masters, played The Grove last week. It's in fantastic condition. Whether we'll get as good of weather as we've had in Scotland is another thing. You couldn't have had two better days, yesterday, Carnoustie, barely a breath of wind.

Obviously a pleasure to witness a good friend's first victory and what a place to do it. We'll go home, dust ourselves off next week at The Grove and look forward to the British Masters.

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