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October 9, 2016

Tyrrell Hatton

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Your first one on The European Tour and here at the Home of Golf. How do you feel?
TYRRELL HATTON: It feels amazing. I've wanted this moment since I was a 6-year-old walking around Wentworth. It's incredible.

Q. Looks like you won sever in the past, you made that look so easy. Tell us?
TYRRELL HATTON: No, it didn't feel that way. I was pretty nervous all day. Started to feel a little bit more comfortable, sort of down 14, 15, just so happy I got over the line.

Q. What was key to that performance?
TYRRELL HATTON: I think the putts I holed throughout the week. I had a new putter in the bag this week and it worked really well. I'm just so happy.

Q. What does this mean for you? Where do you go from here?
TYRRELL HATTON: Well, obviously next week is British Masters, so I'm looking forward to that. But we'll have a good evening tonight and hopefully I can have a good end to the year, as well.

Q. Your first European Tour here on at the Home of Golf, doesn't get much better than that, does it?
TYRRELL HATTON: No, it's a dream come true and to do it here is fantastic. Just happy I got over the line.

Q. 62 yesterday at St. Andrews, you've equalled the course record, the tournament record for the Dunhill Links. Sum up your golf this week?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it's been great. It's weird, you know, I felt a little bit uncomfortable over the ball at times but my putting this week really helped me out and that's been key to lifting the trophy this week.

Q. You had a long time to think about winning this, because it looked fairly set on from quite early on today, but what does it say about your temperament and your maturity around the course now that you were able to close that out?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, my caddie a big help. We've had a few experiences this year where I've been in the final group, like Wentworth was a big one where I didn't have any patience. I wanted a quick start, didn't get the quick start and got down on myself. Was a new experience today going out leading. I just needed to stay patient and play my own game and whatever happens, happens, and thankfully it all worked out.

Q. Does this change any goals or targets?
TYRRELL HATTON: No, not really. I had the target of getting inside Top-50 in the world and I think I was 53 going into this week, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning to see where I've moved up to. But hopefully I can have a good end to the year and move up a little bit higher.

It's a dream come true for me, the win. I've wanted this moment since I was six years old. It's a very special day for me and my family.

Q. When you're having those dreams, did it include the Old Course? Makes it all the more special, doesn't it?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, makes it special and to do it at the Home of Golf is fantastic. Hopefully I can have a good end to the year now.

Q. Are you proud of the way you closed it out, because you looked so solid and assured out there?
TYRRELL HATTON: It didn't feel that way. I was quite nervous for the majority of the round but I played really solid today and holed some good putts, and that kept the momentum going. That was key to winning this week.

I didn't drop a shot yesterday and I wanted to go bogey-free again today, but pulled my second shot in that bunker, just a no go, and it is what it is.

Q. We touched on this yesterday but is there any reason why it's always links golf that you're playing so well at?
TYRRELL HATTON: I really don't know. Hopefully we can play links golf every week next year, that would be great.

But no, I'm just so happy that I got the win and looking forward to next week now.

Q. Is there something about having Jamie Dornan alongside and Ross Fisher in that group that helped relax you?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, we're really good friends with fish, we've eaten dinner pretty much every night this week. And playing with Jamie Dornan, we had great fun all week. He's such a nice guy that it helped me relax for you are shoe.

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