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October 8, 2016

Madison Keys

Beijing, China

J. KONTA/M. Keys

7-6, 4-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel about your performance? Did you think you missed some opportunities in the match?
MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I don't think I played overly well today. I think I had a lot of chances. I don't think I converted well. You know, all props to her. She played well. She made it tough to get into the match.

Q. You haven't played her in a long time. What was the game plan that you and Thomas came up with for today?
MADISON KEYS: You know, her backhand is definitely her stronger side. It was trying to get her to move on the forehand, try to look for my forehand.

But, I mean, I think she made that tough today. I don't think she made a lot of unforced errors or gave me a lot of balls to be able to get on the offense.

Q. Was there a part of your game that you thought let you down in particular?
MADISON KEYS: I'm not overly happy with how I served today.

But I think a big thing is I felt like I was so defend today. I was so far behind the baseline, it was really tough to play my game.

Q. Do you think if you won the second set at 5-2, it would change the context for the third set, or no difference?
MADISON KEYS: Maybe. I mean, if we had a crystal ball, maybe we could figure it out.

But, you know, she played well those couple of points, and I didn't play as well. It got to 5-4. But, you know, just getting to a third set was my biggest goal. Then she played really well in the third set.

Q. This is your first time coming to the premier event semifinal. What does that mean to you?
MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I'm really proud of myself for that. Even after not having a great day today, I had a really good week and there's lots to build on. I'm going to take the positives from this week and use them for next week.

Q. Talk through your decision to take the wild card into Linz.
MADISON KEYS: The only reason is to qualify for Singapore. Hong Kong is tough. Tianjin is tough. You know, indoors, fast courts, seemed like a good idea.

Q. In terms of the disappointment from the loss today, is it specific to the loss? Is it specific to the tournament? Is it specific to the broader picture of the chase is ongoing?
MADISON KEYS: It kind of all sucks, yeah. Losing is sucky. Then it being a semifinal makes it worse. Then not qualifying for Singapore, just icing on the cake today (smiling).

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