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October 8, 2016

Kyle Hendricks

Travis Wood

Chicago, Illinois - Postgame one



THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. You took a pretty good shot there. How did it feel then and how does it feel now?
KYLE HENDRICKS: It feels all right now. In the moment I didn't really feel it at the time, but once I tried to throw a couple pitches there Joe and I were kind of having a discussion, he told me if there's anything at all, he didn't want me in there. And I just my fastball kind of coming out of my hand at the end just didn't really have a feel at the time. Kind of swelled up on me. But X-rays were negative, so it feels pretty good now. Hopefully it's a day-to-day thing. Just get the swelling down and be back in a couple days.

Q. Joe gave us his feel, he said were you probably going to come out after that inning anyway because you would come in and it would start to cool down and get sore, did you lobby to stay in at all?
KYLE HENDRICKS: I did in the beginning after the first couple and then I asked for one more. I just knew the feeling in my fastball just wasn't there. I was cutting my sinker, couldn't feel where it was going. So after the last one I pitched, I knew it wasn't going to work out.

Q. What was that moment like for you, a big home run there and obviously something that you've done in batting practice but never quite on a stage like this.
TRAVIS WOOD: It was a special moment for me personally, but just to be able to pull off the win and Kyle started us off and the rest of the pitching staff just followed suit to what he was doing and to be able to pull off the win was huge.

Q. To expand on that, you've been in that situation before where you've had to come in cold and pitch well and maybe go to left field and then hit, I mean just did it all happen so fast to you? And take us through the at-bat even.
TRAVIS WOOD: It happened pretty quick. It always does in a situation like that. As a bullpen guy you're always prepared, especially with Joe, for any situation, anything that pops up, so you kind of keep your body and your mind locked into the game. So I was ready to come in. And then the at-bat, it was just I figured he was probably going to start me out with a cutter and I made a good swing on it and was fortunate enough to get him and hit it out of the park.

Q. I know you really relish those at-bats, even during the regular season. Did Joe say anything to you when you came to take the ball and did you even realize you were going to be up second next inning?
TRAVIS WOOD: I knew that if I was going to hit I would be up second. But he didn't say anything. He told me to go get 'em, takes as much time as I need, make sure I get good and loose and go get 'em.

Q. Before you exited the game how did you feel like you threw and when you gave up those -- you were on the base paths for a long time after getting the big hit, did that have anything to do with them starting off the next inning hot?
KYLE HENDRICKS: No, at the start of the next inning I made a good first pitch to Panik and he hit a good fastball and I made a bad pitch to Blanco, but that was it. I felt pretty good for the short time I was out there. Willson and I were working really well together. He was nails back there calling a good game and a couple good plays behind me, turning that double play was huge in that second inning. So obviously these guys picking up those innings, watching how they threw the ball after I came out was awesome.

Q. The big hit that you had kind of fought off a two-seam fastball. Can you take me through that at-bat and were you able to see Javy racing around the bases and scoring there? Joe was really praising him as far as his base running.
KYLE HENDRICKS: I didn't see that at the time, but all I was trying to do, I was looking down for the signs, thinking maybe a bunt, you know, he let me swing away. I was just trying to get a pitch somewhere middle of the play and put a good swing on it. Like you said, flared one out there, happened to fall in, pretty lucky, but we'll take it.

Q. I don't know if anybody told you that's the first home run by a relief pitcher in a postseason game in 90-some odd years, any thoughts on that humorous or otherwise?
TRAVIS WOOD: No, not really, just feels good to be able to contribute at the plate as well as on the mound. That's what the pitchers are out there to do, especially the starting pitchers. Kyle's two RBIs trump my one. He did an outstanding job tonight and we were fortunate enough the rest of us. We picked him up tonight, having his injury and stuff and that's what we have done all year long. We pull on each other and we end up backing each other up.

Q. For either of you or both, you're up 2-0, feels like yesterday just kind of getting your feet wet, barely escape, and then this one feels a little bit better. The mind set now. You guys haven't been up 2-0 in a playoff series.
TRAVIS WOOD: It's baseball. Anything can happen. You can't lay back or let up one bit. You got to come out and keep the same mindset we had the last two days and go after them. We're going to go up against a tough pitcher in a couple days that is known for these situations and really pulls through, so we got to be all hands on deck and be really locked in for this next game.

Q. You got some playoff experience last year and then you go out and win the ERA title this year, how disappointing was it not to be able to stay out there and go five, six, seven, eight innings out there after having the year did you?
KYLE HENDRICKS: It was definitely disappointing in a way. But you can't look at it like that. The situation happened like it did, I had to come out, and that's what we have done all year is relied on everyone on this team. Everybody gets it done. Putting up all those zeros was huge. Putting on that extra run from him was huge. That was what the game was all about, really.

Q. Any interest in facing Bumgarner at the plate?
TRAVIS WOOD: If they want to let me get a bat, I'll take one anywhere I can.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Thank you.

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