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October 8, 2016

Bruce Bochy

Chicago, Illinois - Pregame two

THE MODERATOR: Let's take the first question, please.

Q. Last night the play, the pick off at first base was one of the Cubs bunt plays and they do the thing where Rizzo's in so close, had to swap the gloves, and just seems like watching them they have a number of bunt plays. Is that something in scouting reports that they -- that's different with them and other teams or is it just normal?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, with them it's a little bit different. A lot of clubs don't do that. That play that they run is similar to a play that Dick Williams ran when I played for him where the second baseman came in like that. And of course we have the scouting reports and seeing how many times they run that play. And actually Cueto, he was on board with what the plan was, Connor just drifted off too far, and Ross has a quick release. He put it right on the money. Our base runner just got off too far, there was nothing on at that point.

Q. You guys were able to get the leadoff hitter on a few times last night but never capitalize. What do you think the key will be maybe tonight to take advantage of those opportunities to get some runs on the board?
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, that's what you try to do is get that leadoff hitter on and find a way to score him. But it's a pretty simple game. But we did that last night. Guys did a good job getting on base. Hernandez, great bunt to start things off. But you face a good pitcher now and they find a way to pitch out of those jams. Our guy did, their guy did, and we're facing a tough one today. But you're always trying to get that leadoff hitter on. And you're facing a really good pitcher tonight that he moves the ball around, he's got great movement on the sinker, plus-plus change-up, he's got the breaking ball, and cutter too, and hopefully we can keep putting pressure on. The more times you do it, hopefully somebody comes through. Last night we were a hit away from scoring two or three times.

Q. Speaking of good pitching you guys have only scored 10 runs in the five games here and you're batting like a little above 100. Other than the fact that the Cubs have pitched really well, is there any explanation for that, that you might be aware of?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, I think you touched on it, it's how good they are, their staff. They have a really incredible rotation with incredible numbers. That's why you win over 100 games when you can pitch the way they pitch. And they have one guy you're talking about in the Cy Young, but the first two going here, and of course what Jake's done, and then have you Lackey and it's a very, very good rotation.

A lot of teams are going to have their issues trying to score runs and get hits, and if you look at the numbers that their pitcher has against opposing hitters, it's not just against us, it's against the league and that's a credit to how good they are.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thanks.

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