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October 8, 2016

John Farrell

Boston, Massachusetts - Workout day

Q. If you were to lose tomorrow, obviously the team goal comes first, but how strange does it feel that because you're in an elimination situation, each of the next three games will represent the same thing for David?
JOHN FARRELL: You know, that's going to exist regardless of when the final game is played. We knew that the day that David announced this was going to be his final season. I don't think that has been a distraction for us at any point in the season, and certainly it isn't tomorrow. It's pretty clear-cut what we need to do. And I know we can all maybe reflect back on the two days in Cleveland. But still, I think the most important thing for us is tomorrow, nothing beyond.

And I think -- I'm confident, that our focus is solely in that direction. David's final game is going to come. When that is, hopefully it's beyond the completion of tomorrow.

Q. Dustin out said out in Cleveland last night that the team maybe lost its way or its identity, what is Dustin talking about there in your mind and what does the team need to do to get it back?
JOHN FARRELL: Well, we need to play better, bottom line, and we're very capable of that. Certainly confident of the guys that we have in our clubhouse in our uniform. We've demonstrated that for majority of the season. Granted, the last few days, particularly yesterday, was not what we're capable of.

But I think what was discussed a little bit ago was just don't forget who we are. Don't forget who you are individually, and then certainly, what we've been as a team. And that's where there's a lot of recent history that gives us confidence going into tomorrow.

So I think, again, I go back to the most important thing is tomorrow, solely, and be completely focused on that.

Q. How did the players meeting come about and what's your role in that? And were you impressed by the message that was delivered not just only to the younger players but to everyone on the team?
JOHN FARRELL: The biggest thing is that we've accomplished and experienced everything as a group, everything as a team. So when we've won has been as a team and nights that we don't, we lose as a team.

So that meeting included all of us. We're in this together. We're at this point of being 0-2, not because one person or one area of our team, but collectively. And it's going to require that contribution from our group, as well, to regain some momentum and reverse this.

On the flight last night, I'm sure we all shared some thoughts individually, and I felt it was important to bring those together and not reflect on what has been. We can't go back there. But yet, remain committed on tomorrow.

Q. Are there any pitchers that would not be available for Game 3?
JOHN FARRELL: No, I would think it's all hands on deck at this point.

Clay has thrown the ball and pitched extremely well against different types of lineups in hitter-friendly ballparks. He's been very consistent over the past probably six to eight weeks. He's had a resurgence of his own right inside this season.

So I don't think anyone has watched as closely -- can fully appreciate all that he's been through this year, from someone that needed a little bit of a breather from the rotation, worked out some issues while going to the bullpen and has returned and pitching some of the best baseball, I think, in his career.

So completely confident as I am with all our guys as we take the field tomorrow.

Q. Seems like a fastball or baseball question, but they looked like they were forcing the issue a little bit. Do you feel like that was the case and do you guys need to maybe take it to them a little bit more?
JOHN FARRELL: Yeah, I thought there were some times yesterday we were tentative. I think that played out. Like I said, we need to execute more consistently. We need to play better.

I think anybody that watched that game would -- if you suggested anything other than that, would be questioning what game you're watching.

So most importantly, again, just going back to what's done is done. And there's some freedom in knowing that we lay it all on the line tomorrow.

Q. Confidence never seems to be an issue with your players all year long, even when you've had some slumps. Did you get a sense over those two days that they lost any confidence in themselves?
JOHN FARRELL: No, not loss of confidence. Going back to Joe's question a minute ago, where we've been I think very good at being aggressive on the base paths, maybe that hasn't shown up.

Again, you get behind early in the game, I don't know that you can fully take advantage of every opportunity that exists; or you've got to be a little bit more cautious and hopefully swing your way out of it.

So setting the tone from the mound tomorrow is obviously key, and allowing us to play to our capabilities.

Q. The short pitch count by Rick and David in the first two games, did that force you to contemplate any changes?
JOHN FARRELL: We'll take it game-to-game. We've obviously used Pomeranz out of the bullpen. I wouldn't limit not using David Price out of the bullpen. That's certainly a possibility.

So again, you go back to all hands on deck. You figure it out as you go. But there's certainly a starting plan tomorrow, and that's with Clay.

Q. You had the meeting today. Are you glad that you had this day off to hit the reset button and take a step back in terms of the scheduling?
JOHN FARRELL: The schedule, it's already predetermined. More than anything, we're glad to be back in Fenway Park, and that, to me, is one of the biggest things as we start back up tomorrow; is that knowing we're going to be energized by what our fans bring, and certainly using that and channeling that in the right way.

Any team that's playing in front of their home fans, that's always a boost.

Q. Very generally, in this situation, the team's back against the wall, what can a manager do and what level of impact can a manager actually have in this situation?
JOHN FARRELL: You know, I think the biggest thing is to continue to show trust and confidence, and to know that we've gotten to this point because of a very good team, a team that has accomplished and performed very well.

So to remain consistent with that, and they understand it and know that my approach has not changed with them because of the day in which we're in.

Sure, there's pitching decisions you make earlier in the game because of the time of the season. But in terms of trying to say that we're going to have a completely different lineup, a completely different approach to our offensive attack plan, that might send up a signal that they might not otherwise understand.

Q. Is there one individual who called the meeting today?
JOHN FARRELL: You know, again, I think the biggest thing is we felt like we needed to come together as a team.

Q. How is his confidence in the playoffs?
JOHN FARRELL: Well, he's pitched in the post-season, so he's been in this setting before. Some of the heightened spectacle, the stage in which he'll be pitching on or anyone performing on, this won't be the first time.

So I think the biggest thing is he takes confidence and momentum from the outings he's had over the past, like I said, six to eight weeks.

Q. Although you might not be changing your approach, do you envision any changes to the lineup?
JOHN FARRELL: Haven't looked at there being any wholesale changes, no.

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