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October 8, 2016

Lasse Jansen

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Great finish to a very nice day?
LASSE JANSEN: Absolutely. I can't complain. The weather today was a bit surprising to be fair because you were expecting the day to look like the past two days wind-wise and it was just more calm. It was a lot softer, much warmer, as well. It was like a very nice October day. And I played very steady today, and obviously it was just my day on Kingsbarns. So quite happy overall.

Q. Tell us about the eagle on the last. What did you hit in there?
LASSE JANSEN: I was hitting in a 4-iron. I had 221 meters and obviously it's a shot where you're trying to land it a bit outside and run it in and it was a great golf shot. It just rolled up to two or three metres and then it was nice to obviously finish off a good round with a putt in, boom, 6-under.

Q. Gets you right in contention to potentially win the tournament. Looking forward to tomorrow?
LASSE JANSEN: Absolutely. It's my first time playing this event and I was not in the event before Tuesday morning. So I've struggled to get into events.

This just shows you that if you play the events, then you get the opportunity to play well. If I wasn't going to get in, I would have been at home now, you know. So big difference, and obviously I'm going to try and make the most of it.

Q. What time did you get the call on Tuesday?
LASSE JANSEN: I was here. I flew out Sunday as second reserve and just hoped two guys would pull out. That obviously happened. But you know, very nice. Was a bit hard because I've never seen the courses before. So you've got to have 54 holes in your head; where is that hump; can I run it in there, you know.

Q. How are you enjoying the social format of the week?
LASSE JANSEN: Always the question will be, will they be in your way; I don't think they are. Like when they are not counting, they pick up the ball and make it quite easy for us.

So I think it's a good special event, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Q. Tomorrow is a bit more serious, obviously a lot of money at stake, playing at the Home of Golf and vying for an important title, so time to knock it down to business I guess.
LASSE JANSEN: Yeah, but I don't think you should try and do too much differently. You're obviously just going to try and do your best anyway. Just try and enjoy it. You probably can't play a better place. I'm looking forward to that.

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