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October 8, 2016

Soren Kjeldsen

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Are you tempted to give yourself five weeks holiday all the more often?
SØREN KJELDSEN: No, but very pleased obviously. Like I said the first day, I wasn't sure where the game was. I thought practice at home had been pretty good, but it's different when you've got the scorecard in your pocket. It's been nice. Pleasantly nice.

Q. I take it, it's all the more pleasantly nice when there's birdie upon birdie of the Old Course and you finish in some style, as well, recovering from 17 with a birdie at the last?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, I didn't really get in much trouble all day. Apart from 17, I hit it okay. I hit it down the left there and had a horrible lie. I mean, it's difficult to get a bad lie on this course.

So the ball was sitting way down and I ended up making a good five there, and that was nice to bounce straight back and make birdie on the last.

Q. Is it still as special as it always is playing on the Old Course?

Q. Especially in sunshine like this.
SØREN KJELDSEN: Unbelievable. The first nine we played, no breeze, blue skies. It's an incredible place. TJ that I played with, he said it's his favourite course in the world and I sort of tend to agree on day like today.

Q. Nice position into Sunday, isn't it?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, you know that I don't try to get too caught up in all of that. I'm very pleased of how I played. I thought of the three days, I probably played the best today. So general progress, very happy with that and it's nice to have a late tee off time.

Q. And is it in your favor that you get to play St. Andrews two days in a row?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Because I am playing it two days in a row, it's definitely a big thing. If I wasn't, you know, it probably wouldn't be a big thing. Obviously it's nice. I think it's the first time I've ever done that, been in that rotation, and to get it two days in a row is nice.

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