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October 8, 2016

Anthony Rendon

Washington, DC - Pregame two

Q. You had a pretty good year this year. How would you compare to 2014?
ANTHONY RENDON: I don't know. What do the stats say? I mean, I guess I felt all right throughout the whole year. I got off to a little bit of a slow start. But it's how we finish, it's not how you start, so we'll try to finish strong.

Q. How would you kind of describe Tanner Roark as a pitcher and a teammate, and do you feel like he's maybe one of the more underrated guys around?
ANTHONY RENDON: Oh, yeah, I definitely feel Tanner has been underrated, I guess the majority of his career. He's a bulldog. I love that guy. We actually sit together on the planes.

But he goes after all the hitters. He's not afraid of attacking anybody. He has three great pitches and it's going to be fun to watch him pitch today.

Q. Kind of building off of that a little bit, what is it about Tanner, you've gotten to know him pretty well over the last handful of years, what is it about him as a person or a pitcher that you think will lend itself well to a very important Game 2?
ANTHONY RENDON: Probably the way he grew up. Hard-working family, he worked for everything he's came from. He went to a small school and eventually made his way up to the minors and he's been working his tail off throughout his whole life.

I think that's what brought him to be the kind of pitcher he is today, bulldog, and he goes after guys. He's not afraid and he's going to give it everything he has.

Q. What have you learned about being Bryce Harper's teammate?
ANTHONY RENDON: Big-time Bryce. No, he's awesome. It's fun just to watch him grow over the last couple years. Obviously, he made it up before me. But I heard about him, you know, good in college. Obviously he's been like the godchild or whatever since he was 12 years old.

You always see him in the magazines and you get like a perception of him of what people have been saying about him, you know, through Sports Illustrated or whatnot.

But becoming his teammate and watching him grow up and mature as a teammate, as a player and as a person, that's what's really awesome and it's fun to see the kind of man he's going to become.

Q. What was it like playing in front of the Nats Park crowd yesterday? They were very loud and electric.
ANTHONY RENDON: You know, it was a great atmosphere last night. I guess some of our comments and some of our pleads with the Nationals fans are finally getting heard. It's fun to see the excitement back in D.C. with baseball. They were amazing last night and I hope they continue to bring it out every time we go out on the field.

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