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October 7, 2016

John Farrell

Cleveland, Ohio - Postgame two

Cleveland - 6

Boston - 0

Q. Starting in that second inning, what did you see with David?
JOHN FARRELL: Obviously the big blow was Chisenhall with the three-run homer. They bunched some hits. A couple of well-placed hits. And then in a fastball count or in a hitter count, he's trying to sink a ball down and in to keep it from getting extended. Doesn't get to the spot. Hits the ball for a three-run homer. After that some inconsistent command. I felt like we needed to go to the pen shortly thereafter.

Q. Offensively did you feel like your guys were okay in the approach?
JOHN FARRELL: No, I think a different type of pitcher, but still take nothing away from Kluber, he was very good. But I thought we stayed within the strike zone a little bit better, but still not much to show for it. We had a couple of offensive scoring opportunities, not able to cash in. So a well-pitched game against us.

Q. How do you guys move from here?
JOHN FARRELL: Backs against the wall. It's pretty clear what lies ahead of us. We go home down 0-2. Buchholz on the mound Sunday with an attitude of no tomorrow.

Q. Do you feel like any of these last two days has been a carryover from the final week of the regular season when you lost 5-6?
JOHN FARRELL: No, we had a chance to regroup, as everyone does going into the postseason. I thought we came in prepared. We understood what was ahead of us. We fought last night despite the number of maybe swing-and-miss to some of the at-bats. And weren't able to cash in on some opportunities.

But to link this back to the final week of the regular season, I wouldn't go that far.

Q. Considering the bullpen situation the Indians had going into the game, how much did the early deficit play into Kluber's hands to work efficiently?
JOHN FARRELL: I think anytime a starter gets a cushion early it might take -- give you a little bit of margin for error. And then when you give it to a guy who's one of the better pitchers in baseball, they don't let those leads get away too often. And that was the case today.

But to say that it changed our approach, you know, with the score, we're down a 4-0 hole, and we've got to swing our way back into it. There really wasn't the ability to try to manufacture any runs or move our guys over. We had to swing our way out of it, and it worked into his favor, with the assorted pitches that he has, the life that he has. He pitched a very good game.

Q. The bullpen has been very good for two days. What can you say about them? Secondly, Rodriguez was warming up, was that just to throw a pen in preparation?
JOHN FARRELL: Just to throw a pen, but if there was a situation arise, we were ready to use him if needed. The bullpen has been very good. And even the two additional runs they scratched out you could make the statement that we executed a couple of plays defensively. That's a 4-0 game still into the ninth inning. Our bullpen has come in, they've matched up, thrown strikes, Joe Kelly has been powerful. They've done a very good job.

Q. As well as they pitched do you feel like you guys haven't played well, some defensive mistakes you've made and not as sharp as you were in the regular season?
JOHN FARRELL: A couple of things have showed up, particularly tonight. You get a couple of ground balls that are potential double plays that don't get executed. So we have a potential four outs, we come away with one, and they're able to chalk up a couple more runs. This time of year, the extra outs, the extra 90 feet, they do show up.

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