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September 19, 2004

Patrick Sheehan


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Patrick, thanks for joining us. Congratulations on a great weekend, 65, 66, leads to your best career finish, runner-up, and it pushed you over a million dollars for the season. I know you would have liked to have gotten a win, but obviously you're building on a great year. Maybe we could start with some opening comments about a week with four rounds in the 60s.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I played extremely well this week every day. I think I had three bogeys for the week, and they all happened to be three putts, but when you can go a week with that little amount of mistakes, it should be a good week. I mean, I played fantastic.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: I hate to touch on it, but 16 you missed a short par putt there.


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Was it a tough putt?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: No, it wasn't a tough putt. These greens, there's enough grain in them to affect little putts, and if you don't get it rolling end over end right away, the grain will chew it up a little bit. I'm not going to blame it on grain. I missed the putt. It was probably a horrible stroke. I probably want to see it on tape to see what I looked like.

Coming down the stretch, you can't miss those, and it was just a poor putt.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: I don't think you played with Bart this week, but I think he hit something like 92 percent of his greens or something like that. You almost have to tip your cap and say he played better than everyone else.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I've known Bart for a long time and he's always been an incredible ball striker. I think his injuries -- he's had more than two elbow surgeries, wrist. I mean, he's had a ridiculous amount of surgeries, and it was a matter of him being healthy and him putting it together because he's an incredible player and a great ball striker.

Q. As far as Bart, obviously you wanted to win, but is it nice to see Bart pick up his first one?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Bart is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, a really good family guy. I mean, I love him. I've known him for ten years probably. He's just -- now he's just showing -- I've known for a long time, he's always been above average in ball-striking, and it was just a question of how healthy he was going to be when he played well.

Q. With the lead that he had coming in, I mean, it was going to take an incredible round just to keep up with him. You had it going there for a while.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I did. I had a lot of good chances on the front.

I turned at 3-under and still missed a couple eight footers on the front, on 6 and 7, but I needed to play a perfect round and I needed to make about nine birdies to catch him it looks like.

You never know. If I made a few more and had gotten it to 18 or something like that, put a little pressure on him, who knows, but I needed to play a perfect round of golf today.

Q. You're just kind of building on this great year. People always talk about how they go to tournaments or how having a good finish sort of teaches them something to get their first one.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: It's a learning process. I've played weekends where I've been in good position and shot myself out of the tournament, and this year I've done well. I've had a lot of chances this year. I've had three Top 5s and I've done very well on the weekend, but it's a learning process. Each time you take a little more away from it.

I mean, I played really well today. I had that one little mistake on 16, but other than that it was a really good day because I knew when I made the turn I had to be pretty close to the lead, so it was -- I mean, it was a good day for me.

Q. After a good finish like this, after a good tournament, do you do anything to celebrate?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: No. My family is at home and I'm not flying out until tomorrow, but I won't do anything special. Go to a movie maybe. I don't know.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Patrick, thanks.


End of FastScripts.

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