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October 7, 2016

Yu Darvish

Arlington, Texas - Postgame two


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Yu Darvish.

Q. It seems like you were giving up hits after you got behind in the count, but how did you feel about today's outing?
YU DARVISH: I was struggling with the strike zone and then was getting behind in the count and they were looking for the fastballs, I believe, and when I left it on the plate, they got it. So they did a good job on that.

Q. Seemed like you had a little more hesitation in your delivery today. Why did you decide to go that route?
YU DARVISH: If you see my mechanics on the previous games, it hasn't changed much. So I didn't change much.

Q. I think it was the first time for you to give up three home runs in one inning, four in one game, but could you tell us what was on your mind when that happened?
YU DARVISH: Like in baseball, these kind of things, it could happen. So my focus was to get the next guy out, kept battling.

Q. You mentioned about their hitters sitting on the fastballs, but it seemed like you were throwing a pretty good fastball today. But sliders, you were leaving the pitches up and a little bit off command. Do you think you had to rely on your fastball because your slider wasn't there today?
YU DARVISH: It's not like I couldn't throw a strike with my sliders or anything like that. But like me and Lucroy, we need to talk. Maybe we went too much on the fastballs today.

Q. Thinking about your physical condition, how you felt today, do you think that you deserve that outcome today, number-wise, or you should have been getting better numbers as you physically feel?
YU DARVISH: It's not like I was feeling bad or I wasn't feeling super good either. And baseball, like in the regular season, you look back and things like this happens. Sometimes you go five innings scoreless and then sometimes you give up five. And today I just gotta give them -- the Blue Jays had a good approach to me today.

Q. There's gotta be different things in pitching in the Postseason, different environment, hitters may have a different approach, but do you think that might have affected today's outing for you?
YU DARVISH: The hitters approach-wise I didn't see much differences. They're usually aggressive hitters. But like mostly like in the stadium, the fans were very excited and that was good.

Q. The series is not done yet, even though you guys lost two games in a row, there's a chance you may be pitching again. How would you like to prepare yourself for that opportunity?
YU DARVISH: I mean, I'm not going to change anything. As I've been doing in the regular season, I just do the same thing to be prepared for the next outing.

Q. On the fifth inning when you gave up three home runs seemed like you were leaving the fastballs up, is that because you were getting tired or could you tell us about that?
YU DARVISH: If you can look at my previous games I'm not that kind of pitcher who always keep the pitches down. Maybe in Japan you leave the pitches up and you might see guys getting tired and all that stuff. But like here, sometimes a high fastball works. And so I don't think I was getting tired and leaving the pitches up.

Q. On Pillar's home run and Carrera's home run, you seemed a little surprised that it went out. Did you feel something like you didn't think they could hit the ball good or what was that impression, could you explain that?
YU DARVISH: Tulowitzki's home run, he hit the ball good. So did Encarnacion. It was a line drive a little bit lower angle, but I thought it was going to hit the wall.

Carrera's, I didn't think it was going to go out, hoped it was going to go down, hit the wall or something, but it went out.


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