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October 7, 2016

Thomas Pieters

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. What are your thoughts on two days of action here so far?
THOMAS PIETERS: It's been pretty relaxed. Just a shame to finish with a double but I was going along nicely and making a few putts. Just that 3-putt on 17 hurt. But looking forward to playing St. Andrews tomorrow.

Q. I wasn't going to highlight 17 too much because essentially there's an awful lot that's going well?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I only had one double in the card. You can't drive it in the fairway bunkers, you just can't. You're chipping out sideways. I'll have to avoid those tomorrow at St. Andrews, as well.

Q. Did you notice a particular difference coming to Kingsbarns today after Carnoustie yesterday?
THOMAS PIETERS: It's less tough on the mind I think. You can get away with some shots here. Definitely a lot shorter. Carnoustie, you really have to hit some really good golf shots, and over here, it's more running it on the greens. I hit some really, really nice shots today. Just off the tee, a bit crappy, but like I said, made some nice putts.

Q. You said you were tired in the build up to this with obvious reasons. Are you more energised now?
THOMAS PIETERS: I've been sleeping about 80 per cent of my day. So doing quite nice. I think I'm going to bed right now.

Q. This is meant to be party town and you're meant to be out enjoying yourself?
THOMAS PIETERS: No, no, no, I'm happy to sleep.

Q. You smiled and sounded like you're really looking forward to the Old Course. Is that something that just whets your appetite?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, of course. How many times do you get to play it a year? It's just the one time. I didn't play a practice round on it because I was too tired. But I know the course. I've been here two or three times, so really look forward to playing the Old Course.

Q. Given your position on that leaderboard, you're really looking forward to the weekend?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, you never know. I don't know who is playing Carnoustie today or tomorrow, but I know if I put a really low one up there tomorrow, I'll be right in it.

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